Dack Janiels’ 5 Artists to Watch in 2017
Dack Janiels’ 5 Artists to Watch in 2017

The Los Angeles-based robo gangsta Dack Janiels has had a massive year in his own right. With heavyweight releases and remixes launching him across the board and elevating him to the next tier in the bass music scene, we thought we’d put Dack in the hot seat and have him select his Top 5 bass music producers he thinks will be busting moves in 2017.

Check out his exclusive selection and commentary below!

5. London Nebel
“London Nebel and I met the last time I played in France and have been homies ever since. Another dude who makes some of the craziest intros that drop into equally crazy sound design. One of my faves hands down!”

4. Uber
“Uber is a good buddy of mine and seeing his progression in music has been unreal. Really proud to have released his Planet Riddim EP earlier this year on 40oz Cult as well! Rumor has it we might have a collaboration all wrapped up, but I guess you’ll have to wait and see…”

3. Sudden Death
“Boasting some of my favorite retro-style intro synths, Sudden Death has been putting out a ton of gas this year. I love dropping his tracks in my sets at times where I wanna break the mood a bit and play something epic!”

2. Krimer
“Krimer is a beast and I’m super stoked we had the chance to meet the last time I performed in Montreal. Dude has been consistently putting out hammers and I don’t expect that to be slowing down anytime soon. His new collab with Dubloadz is INSANITY!”

1. Digitist
“Being a Bay Area native, I really wanted to kick off this list with someone crushing it near my hometown and the first dude who came to mind was Digitist! This dude has had an insane year pushing out bangers with super unique sound design, and we were fortunate enough to sign one to our most recent 40oz Cult compilation!”