Carmada 'Maybe' Remixes Hit OWSLA

Posted: April 17th, 2015

Carmada’s chart-topping single, “Maybe,” from debit Realise EP receives the remix treatment from an array of talented producers across the globe. The new Maybe Remixes EP sees seven awesome takes of the Australian duo’s dreamy bass uplifter. Catching fans off guard, Getter goes D&B with his take on the festival-friendly anthem, along with TrollPhace and JuJu also foraying into faster tempos. The ever-talented Jesse Slayter injects his refreshingly sexy house vibes, Fred V & Grafix bring heavy dancefloor ammunition, and Elk Road & SLUMBERJACK rev things up with a wonky, trap-step edit. Check out the full tracklist below and select your favorite version of “Maybe” on OWSLA here.



01. Carmada “Maybe” (Dr. Fresch Remix)
02. Carmada “Maybe” (TrollPhace & JuJu Remix)
03. Carmada “Maybe” (Elk Road & Slumberjack Remix)
04. Carmada “Maybe” (Jesse Slayter Remix)
05. Carmada “Maybe” (Fred V & Grafix Remix)
06. Carmada “Maybe” (Getter Remix)
07. Carmada “Maybe” (Pegboards Nerds Remix)


By Amanda Ross



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Lunos Awake To A New Dawn

Posted: April 16th, 2015

D&B production act Lunos are on the brink of releasing their debut EP, New Dawn. Representing Southampton England, the productions of John McBeath and Callum Ross are presently receiving support from all the right DJs, including Marky, Original Sin and Liz-E to name a few. The four-track EP contains only the smoothest of rollers with a classy tinge of jungle. “Miramire” is simple yet effective, with strong breaks and slick progression. “Trouble” embodies classic film sampling and quirky character while “Red Sky” explores the jazzier side of drum & bass. Roller purists are sure to love the sleek beats on New Dawn. Pre-order the April 27 release from Jaydan’s Smokin’ Riddims imprint, now available on iTunes.


By Amanda Ross

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[Stream] Nero 'Between II Worlds'

Posted: April 16th, 2015

UK bass trio Nero have unveiled “Between II Worlds,” the title track to their forthcoming studio album, slated for release August 28 via Cherrytree Records. Cinematic dubstep is delivered here, as Nero delivers what fans have come to love from them. Ambient landscapes combine with the thick, half-time rolling bassline for what feels like possibly more of a track from a concept album than a stand-alone production. Spoken-word sections—about traveling “between two worlds, between here and there, between then and now”—dominate the production, too, offering a track-as-total-package that certainly packs something more.


By Marcus K. Dowling


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[Q&A] Taxman Cashes In With New Material On Real Playaz

Posted: April 15th, 2015

Taxman’s annual offering of forward-thinking D&B returns by way of the forthcoming EP Beyond the Black Rainbow. Discover more about those musical musings direct from Dominic Tindill, the legal name attached to artist Taxman—and real life brother to fellow producer, Original Sin.

With D&B flowing through his veins, Tindill remains a longstanding professional audio enthusiast, collecting a reputation for rich, analog-inspired productions. Tracks like “Evasion” and “The Rebate” are often revered as game changers in the underground dancefloor community. Catching up with the man himself, Bassrush learns the true meaning behind his moniker and gets a first look into his rave-smashing EP, coming on DJ Hype and Pascal’s Real Playaz this summer.


It has been said that the only two certain things in life are death and taxes. Bassrush had to ask, what’s the story behind your alias?

It’s the name of a Total Science tune that I used to have on vinyl. I liked the sound of it so I used it as my name. I’ve never been an accountant or worked for the IRS.


Tell us about your Beyond The Black Rainbow EP?

It’s taken far too long to complete, to be honest. I’ve spent way too much time messing about with different versions of each tune, but that’s how it usually goes. That aside, it’s quite varied but all tracks still [have] the dancefloor in mind. It’s titled after a film I watched not so long ago. I’m not following any fads or trends, I just made some drum & bass that I wanted to hear in the club and stay true to myself. The title track is my favorite, along with “Reprezent.”


Are you working with any vocalists on the new EP? We loved your collaboration with Diane Charlemagne from your Synthetic Visions album. There’s a D&B remix of “All For Nothing” on the EP (featuring Diane) which was taken from the LP. I think as soon as you work with a vocalist you’re aiming for the commercial radio plays, and that wasn’t really what I was aiming for, to be honest. DJ Hype asked me to remix “All For Nothing.”


It seems you’ve caught the ear of the EDM mainstream. How did your remix for DJ Snake and Dillon Francis come about?

Apparently so! Ministry of Sound contacted me directly to ask if I wanted to remix “Get Low.” To be totally honest, I’d heard of Dillon Francis but never any of his music. The song parts sent to me were great to work with and I managed to get it all down in less than a week. That was the first time I’d used Massive for a bassline and probably the last, too!


You’ve given insight into the process of creating your new EP via Twitter. What other studio discoveries have you made recently?

The first and original version of a track always has raw vibes. That’s the time when you’re just being creative and not thinking about anything else. I think it’s best to get the creative side of producing and writing a tune done whilst you’re in the zone. If you just keep on going in on the same tune week after week you just end up changing it and moving stuff around all the time. If a new idea isn’t off the ground and beginning to sound like a tune at the end of the day, start again!


We know you are quite the synth-a-holic. What model are you hoping to pick up next?

There are quite a lot of new analog synths being released at the moment but I’m obsessed with the synths and drum machines that were made in the ‘80s. Soft synths have slowly bored me to death over the last few years. As soon as a new one is released, every man and his dog has it; they all sound exactly the same. Ones and zeros always sound the same. I haven’t used a soft synth for about six months now and hopefully I won’t be using one again anytime soon. Don’t get me wrong, they have served their purpose well, but they just don’t do it for me anymore. Analog synths stimulate my mind and inspire me.


Who would you like to work with in terms of artists outside of D&B?

There’s too many to mention. Leftism by Leftfield is one of my favorite albums of all time, so I’d love to work with them, even though they split a few years ago and only one continued as Leftfield. Recently I’ve been messing around a lot with acid house. I’ve always loved that sound and I think it’s healthy to make other genres of music in your spare time. There are always things to learn from different genres.


Which summer gigs are you looking forward to?

I’m back in LA at the end of May, who I always love playing for, plus I’ve been booked to play at [UK-based Action Sports Music Festival] NASS this year, which I’ve always wanted to play. There’s a few more but I cant remember just off the top of my head.


What would you be doing if not creating music as Taxman?

Probably making music under a different name. I can’t detach from making music.


By Amanda Ross

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RUN DMT Previews New 2015 Material

Posted: April 15th, 2015

Texas-bred bass aficionado RUN DMT (aka John Robbins) takes to his popular SoundCloud page to premiere a brand new batch of bangers for 2015, along with the intriguing message and hashtag #KillYourEgo.

A deliberate display of hybrid bass sounds and filthy stabs paralyze eardrums with “Zombie Sneak Attack,” while “Feel You” relaxes the mind with simplistic and healing trap energies. “Duckface” is a kitschy play on your favorite selfie pose, with warped basslines and punchy kick drums. Around seven fresh uploads have graced DMT’s cloud, leaving fans to ponder if the collection will debut together and on which label. Stay tuned and preview the tracks here. 


By Amanda Ross

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[Free Download] Peacemakers Are Ready To Party

Posted: April 14th, 2015

Italian bass music duo Peacemakers, responsible for remixing EDM giants like Martin Garrix and Yellow Claw, have formulated the perfect summertime twerk anthem. Just as rave season starts to heat up, the party-minded outfit unleash “Gonna Party Like” for free through The Trickaz’ headed music label Otodayo Records.

The festival-trap riddim is rage-ready with funky vocal shouts and arena-filling, low-end bass. Get those feet moving and download the savage 808 goodness here.


By Amanda Ross

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