Jinx Releases Full-Length Album On Ruffneck Ting

Posted: April 27th, 2015

Providing high-octane jungle D&B since the early ‘90s, DJ and producer Jinx has incredible roots tracing back to the original jungle movement. His imminent full-length album Stand Up is sure to echo years of service and commitment to the sound. Forthcoming on Bristol-based label RuffNeck Ting, and weighing in at over 10 tracks, the album is laced with heart-pumping basslines, crunchy breaks, and dedicated sampling techniques.

Jinx invited a ton of talent into his studio, including vocalist Regina Rae on “Inside Out,” a sublime slice of sultry vocals layered on top of rolling, head-nodding beats. Collaborating with both RuffNeck Ting label boss Dazee and famed percussionist Jungle Drummer,­ “Scorpion Style” fuses smart hip-hop vibes with old-school Kung Fu samples and one menacing sub. “Evolve” stands out with its steady groove and jump-up jungle feel. Title track “Stand Up” carries a warm bubbly bass and fun snippets of laughter. The entire album is full rinse out material, sure to get your hips swaying and head nodding. Check out the full tracklisting below, release due May 13.



01. Jinx “Exclusive Style”
02. Jinx ft. Regina Rae “Inside Out”
03. Jinx “Evolve”
04. Jinx “Mellow Out”
05. Jinx “Killing Vibes”
06. Jinx ft. Jungle Drummer and Dazee “Scorpion Style”
07. Jinx “Old Style”
08. Jinx “Stand Up”
09. Jinx “Do You Love”
10. Jinx “End Of Line”
11. Jinx ft. Jungle Drummer “Drop”
12. Jinx “Screwface”
13. Jinx ft. Dazee “Promises”
14. Jinx Stand Up LP DJ Mix by Dazee


By Amanda Ross

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Planets Align With 'Memoirs' On Liquicity Records

Posted: April 27th, 2015

Planet Liquicity have been at the center of liquid D&B’s universe for seven years. After its humble beginnings as a go-to YouTube channel promoting the smoother side of D&B, the brand expanded quickly, selling out festivals as event producers and inventing a popular record label. Capturing a near decade of blissful beats, Liquicity have complied a nostalgic artists compilation tilted Memoirs showcasing essential producers like Netsky, Camo & Krooked, and Maduk. Check out the 30 momentous tracks below, out now on MP3 and CD formats.


01. Memro “Trick of the Tail”
02. Mediks ft. Astronaut “Blown Away”
04. Netsky “I Refuse”
05. Fred V “Paradise”
06. Feint “Laurence”
07. Indivision & Echo Inada “Around the World”
08. John B “Numbers” (Camo & Krooked Remix)
09. Rameses B “Visionary”
10. Maduk “Take You There”
11. Matrix & Futurebound ft. Cat Knight “Move On”
12. Fred V “In My Head”
13. Maduk “Never Again”
14. Hybrid Minds “I’m Through” 
15. Stan SB “Anyone Out There”
16. Feint “Promises”
17. Druid “The Power”
18. Jakwob “Blinding” (Hybrid Minds Remix)
19. Rameses B ft. Veela “Drift Away”
20. Rameses B ft. Holly Drummond “Dreaming”
21. Woody “Bandit”
22. NCT ft. Andreas Ort & Charline “Frozen in Time”
23. Maduk & Veela “Ghost Assassin” VIP
24. Qbig “Sleepless”
25. Dimension “Delight”
26. TwoThirds & Feint ft. Veela “Epiphany”
27. Feint ft. Veela “Horizons”
28. Feint ft. Veela “The Journey”
29. Camo & Krooked “Nothing is Older Than Yesterday”
30. Rameses B “Memoirs” VIP


By Amanda Ross

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Chewy Jetpack + Skynet Launch 'Mars'

Posted: April 26th, 2015

DJ Surplus and Scifa kick-start their new Hard Soul imprint by kicking in the doors with a pair of heavy technoid thriller that reveal just what kind of “soul” they are all about. It’s straight up techno-funk thrillers if this first release is anything to go by as Chewy Jetpack launches “Mars,” a heater from his lab in East London that lays down the blueprint for the journey ahead.

Once those initial boosters flame out it’s time to turn the controls over to the veteran space-age warrior known as Skynet who transforms the original into a hair-raising interstellar sidewinder that harkens back to the dark and dirty Underfire era. Taking his time building things up with a steady beat, it’s when those turbo-thrusters kick in and the hammering hook takes hold that you know you’re in the hands of a master pilot.

Great look for the debut cut from Hard Soul! Definitely an imprint to keep an eye on in the near future…


By Chris Muniz

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Cyantific 'Can't Stop' Making Us Dance

Posted: April 25th, 2015

Still buzzing off the success of his single “High Water Mark” on Viper Recordings, Cyantific returns to the charts with yet another grooving number in the form of his remix of Dr. Kucho! & Gregor Salto’s “Can’t Stop Playing (Makes Me High)” on the Ministry of Sound imprint.

Taking the hands-in-the-air vibe of the original and amping it up to drum & bass tempo, Cyantific once again crosses over into mainstream territory where the tune is crushing it on the airwaves in the UK, having landed on both the BBC Radio1 and 1Xtra “A” playlists.

With a catchy electro-influenced groove and insistent vocal hook from Ane Brun, this one twists and shakes in all the right places with just enough grit to keep things grounded on the heaviest dancefloor. It’s a massive tune that’s been limited to the UK for some reason but lucky for you we found one outlet where you can snag your own digital copy here.


By Chris Muniz


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Symbl Unleashes 'Serenade'

Posted: April 24th, 2015

The Onset Audio crew continues to impress with their ability to unleash the very finest new-school talent around. Since launching only five short years ago, the label has consistently pushed quality output from the likes of Psidream, Pacific, Red Army, Clima, Demo, and now the one called Symbl.

Keeping in line with the larger scope of the tech-driven imprint, the Indiana-based Symbl delivers three monster cuts that chart a course through the dark and twisted edges of the universe. “Serenade” brings on the stepping and stomping “Shadow Boxing” flashbacks before the grinding groove of “Contender” keeps it locked on top of a haunting otherworldly atmosphere.

Still, if you’re looking for something to get the kids banging their heads, “Calamity” is the one to turn to. Drawing on the classic vibes of techstep and neurofunk sensibilities, Symbl is definitely one to keep your eyes and ears on!

The tune drops today at digital outlets across the universe, or you can snag it direct from Onset Audio.


By Chris Muniz

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Mayan Audio Crushes It With 'Kalima'

Posted: April 23rd, 2015

Since launching late last year, the Mayan Audio imprint has gone from strength to strength with a series of heavy-hitting releases from homegrown talent like Kritix and Tuff Touch. While small, independent come and go, it’s becoming more and more obvious that Mayan Audio is here to stay, especially as they drop their hottest release to date in the form of the mysteriously titled Kalima EP.

Once again featuring a crew of relative newcomers, the five-track EP is an obvious labor of love that will have neuro fans bouncing off the walls. Tuff Touch hits the thrusters into overdrive on “Lazer Eye” before Traced unleashes a stomping technoid thriller in the form of “Phobia.”

Roklo keeps the steady pressure on “The Summons” as the grinding groove gives way to a lovely little VIP of “Traction” from Kritix with Coppa once again dashing some urban flavor on top of those strychnine beats.

White Room roll things out by easing off the pedal on “Fade to White” and letting the ethereal vibes rush through. It’s an epic closing to a massively impressive EP that is sure to have heads looking twice and locking it on Mayan Audio to see what’s coming up next.

This beast is a Beatport Exclusive starting April 27 with the full release to follow on May 11, so keep your eyes and ears peeled.


By Chris Muniz

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