Nymfo Brings On The Zombie-Twitch

Posted: May 21st, 2015

Commercial Suicide locks it in with Nymfo on deck once again, this time in the form of a monster four-tracker bubbling with rolling beats and heavy basslines.

Leading the way is the title track, “Brainfeeder,” that sets the pace with a kind of tripped-out, frenetic groove. “Planetarium” takes things a touch deeper with a moody atmosphere and steady stepping beat keeping things centered while the haunting, shifting atmosphere keeps things interesting.

“Shivers” is a personal favorite if only for the way it sticks and moves with deadly precision. As the kick punches and the bass slithers, smaller details and elements come together in a hypnotic call-and-response that is sure to have you lost on the dancefloor.

If you’re looking for the really big beats, head straight to the head-crusher known as “Shelter” where Nymfo links up with none other than Dutty Audio’s own BTK. It’s a shivering, growling beast of the darkest order sure to have all the late-night zombie crew twitching their way towards the speakers hungry for more. This cut is only available as a digital bonus track so be sure to lock your preorder in now before it goes live on May 25.


By Chris Muniz

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Calibre Takes On The Exquisite 'Strumpet'

Posted: May 20th, 2015

Marcus Intalex calls him the “magical music machine,” and with his latest four-track EP for the ever-essential Exit Records, it’s easy to see why. Having earned a reputation as an expert craftsman on the “liquid” side of things, Calibre takes things much, much deeper with this one, letting each tune roll out far past the usual four- or five-minute stopping point. These are tunes designed for a different kind of listening and dancing experience, ones where the intricate and delicate exploration of beats, basslines, and hypnotic, trance-inducing atmospheres takes center stage.

The title track, “Strumpet,” unfolds like a hazy dreamscape with the energy ebbing and flowing as the chords and pads rise and fall in a playful almost intimate way. If you’re keen on out-of-body experiences, use this as the soundtrack of your journeys to other realms of consciousness.

“Stranger” hits with that signature clean Calibre vibe that instantly transports those who know back to the early 2000s. Like a ghostly crew of live musicians vibing it out one last time before the sun comes up, this one shivers and shakes in all the right places.

Where the first half of the EP takes things low, the second half starts to amp up the hustle. “The Sweet” rolls out the urgent vibes that kick and roll around an ever-transforming electric soundscape before “Concrete” steps and growls its way to the end of yet another Calibre classic.

Advanced beats for evolved humans. Get yours now.


By Chris Muniz

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Posted: May 20th, 2015

Notorious trap dons LOUDPVCK are gearing up for an epic journey, hitting the road for the North America Bassrush takeover with world-class buds 12th Planet and Kove. The pair are putting in hard work, prepping their first EP and crafting insane remixes along the way. Bassrush chats with Kenny Beats and Ryan Marks of LOUDPVCK before things really start heating up this summer.


What led to your team-up as LOUDPVCK?

Kenny: Ryan and I had already been best homies for three years before we ever sat down to make a song together. We met in college and shared all the stuff we listened to and produced nonstop. We both had very distinct styles and hardly even made the same genre most times, but really had a mutual respect for each other’s work. By the time Ryan came back to visit me senior year, both of our tastes slowly started to mesh together and we decided to just go for it! 

Ryan: We heard records gaining steam that sounded like a mesh of things Kenny and I were doing individually, so we decided to collaborate and see if what came out sounded artistically and commercially viable, and most importantly, authentic.


What would you say your musical roots are, dance music-wise?

Kenny: I grew up playing guitar and drums; half the time I would only listen to rock and jazz—stuff that I could play to—and the other half was what I heard from friends or on the radio. Until I started trying to produce music on a computer, the only dance stuff I was interested [in] would be one-off songs that people put me on too: Junior Senior, Justice or Girl Talk. Once I got involved in production, it made me want to try to listen to everything and opened me up to so many new sub-genres and artists I would have never heard on dance radio. I’m still doing my best now to do my homework on early EDM stuff that I missed. (Laughs)

Ryan: Excluding disco, the first dance music I ever listened to was Discovery by Daft Punk and by Justice, all that French shit. I was in middle school when those records came out and they sounded so different and amazing to me. It was like ear candy; those were the roots. Then I went to EDC and the sets were unlike anything I’d ever seen before. That was the watershed moment for me, I was transfixed and I’ve never looked back.


We are so excited to have you on board for the North America Bassrush takeover! Do you like to pre-plan what you’re going to play or do you feel out the vibe?

Ryan: We’re really excited as well. Yes, unless it’s a pool party or something we pre-plan everything. We use CDJs with USBs; in other words we perform without the assistance of a laptop. It’s important for us to go through our set each night beforehand and set cue points that we would otherwise be able to do in real time on a laptop. It’s really just like a roadmap so we know when to start and stop songs and when to shift the tempo for maximum effect. We love improvisational DJing as well, but unless you’re incredibly technically proficient and know your tunes backwards and forwards, it’s very hard to perform as seamless of a set on the fly as it is if you plan things ahead of time. 


Tell us what it was like recording 12PVCK, the Bassrush Takeover Mix between yourselves and 12th Planet?

Kenny: Jon (12th Planet) has been a homie since literally the first days of LOUDPVCK, and we all live within a block of each other. It honestly just felt like we were chilling. (Laughs) Ryan would go up and do a couple transitions, Jon would make an edit or two, and I’d add some effects or automation. We all have a similar workflow and taste, which made it a lot of fun. Perfect warm up for some back-to-backs on tour!


Are you successful with getting tunes done on the road?

Ryan: We’ve only ever started and finished one song on the road and that was “Wylin,” which we did on our last North American tour with Paper Diamond. We’re really good at forming ideas and sketches on a laptop, but we inevitably have to take those ideas into our studio in Los Angeles with a more powerful computer and sound system to flesh them out. On our upcoming EP, two of the songs are over 150 tracks of audio in Ableton Live; it’s hard to process that on any laptop.


Festival favorites like yourselves have such high energy sets. How do you get yourself psyched up to perform in front of thousands of people if, say, you just woke up from a nap or are jet lagged?

Kenny: Listening to music works for me. Usually some ignorant rap shit will get me in the mood to go buck. As soon as I walk out and see the kids, it’s over! 

Ryan: Red Bull and vodka.


Speaking of festivals, you guys just slayed Coachella. Did you get a chance to catch any other acts?

Kenny: I saw so many sick acts but I’d have to say Duke Dumont took it home for me. I shed a single tear in the VIP.

Ryan: Thank you! Yes, I saw Steely Dan and they were amazing.


With the excitement of EDC in the air, do you have any tips for first-time attendees or even veteran Headliners? 

Ryan: We love EDC. Best festival in the world, end of story. There’s nothing like it; you don’t need tips, just go in with an open mind and have fun. And don’t bring expensive sunglasses!

Kenny: Don't hit the hotel buffet before the festival shuttle. 


Share with Bassrush your dream artists’ rider.

Kenny: One wise old man to make guacamole in one of those big old stone bowls before every show.

Ryan: I would like an unlimited iTunes gift card, please. Seriously though, how sick would that be?


By Amanda Ross

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Summertime Vibes With Drumsound + Bassline Smith

Posted: May 19th, 2015

As summertime rapidly approaches, Drumsound and Bassline Smith gear up for the imminent arrival of sun-kissed beats and poolside riddims with a Summer Selection album in their ongoing ’15 Years of Technique’ celebration.

First on deck is the album sampler, featuring two delicious cuts designed for maximum dancefloor hype. “Memories” keeps things on lock with an epic, spiraling intro that amps things up to the breaking point before unloading the feels with a euphoric groove and ghostly vocal bubbling atop a stepping beat.

“Primitive” is the one to pull when you’re looking to elevate the vibe to the next level. Ring the alarm when this one hits the deck as the sucker-punch beats and high-energy stabs keep it in the red throughout the winding tune proper.

Whether it’s beneath the stars or front and center at the club, these ones are sure to keep the dancefloor sizzling all summer long, so lock it in ahead of its full release on May 24 and unleash the heat!


By Chris Muniz

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Sub Zero Unleashes The Beast

Posted: May 18th, 2015

As one-half of the supergroup known as G-Dub, Sub Zero is no stranger to the spotlight, as he’s been crushing it in both collaborative and solo mode for the better part of the past decade. An absolute genius when it comes to crafting dirty basslines and grooves that are guaranteed floor-killers, the Playaz bad boy steps in from the shadows to cut loose with an epic EP that is sure to go down as yet another future classic.

“Inside the Beast” is a rewind-worthy, tech-tinged crusher that competes with “Straight In” for sheer dancefloor dominance. “Time Traveller” finds Sub Zero locking heads with DJ Limited for a dirty mosh-pit inducing gutter.

Easing up on the pressure, “Something for the Weekend” and “Backyard Skank” drill it in on the minimalist tip before folk singer Lucky Kitchen sets “Hearts on Fire” with what is sure to become the emotive anthem for the sunrise sessions crew.

Big things once again from the ever-essential Sub Zero!

The package is due out May 25 and comes bundled with a free exclusive bonus track if you purchase through the Playaz shop, so strap on your helmets and prepare for the rinseout!


By Chris Muniz

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