Fire the Bass Cannon!

Posted: September 15th, 2014

If there’s one thing booms true of junglists, it’s this: we wear our bass loud and proud. Now our dreams have come true. The shoulder-mounted Bass Cannon fires off beats with the massive levels of bass we crave.

Music fiends can give thanks to creator Adam Munich, a hardware hacker from the sunny state of Cali, who used AirZooka’s ball launcher as part of its construction.

Alas, me D&B pirates, Munich has finally given us the “weapon of mass production” we’ve been looking for. He even gives a breakdown of the cannon on his site, where he says, “Every once in a while I build something ridiculous, and this would be one of those whiles.”


By Lori Denman-Underhill

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Icicle Chills in the US

Posted: August 28th, 2014

Catch the chill from top drum & bass artist Icicle while you can. He’s got a new single, a forthcoming album, and is in Los Angeles tonight, ready to cool the city down.

His mini tour includes stops tonight at L.A.’s longest running drum & bass weekly, Respect, New York’s Webster Hall on Friday, and Denver’s Vinyl Basement on Saturday. Then he’s off to Europe and Croatia before a more extensive tour is announced after the album release.

The album drops around Halloween, yet junglists are getting their fix of the single (featuring MC Metropolis of Foreign Beggers) entitled “The Edge,” which was recently played on BBC Radio 1Xtra’s Drum & Bass Soundclash. The two-track single features also features a collaboration with UK MC Skittles. Icicle, born Jeroen Snik, met up with Bassrush while visiting L.A. and described the new album, due out on Shogun Audio, this way:

The album is made up of [mostly] drum & bass, with dubstep and some experimental electronica mixed in. It features an overall dark and progressive sound palette , [but] a few lighter moments, too. There are collabs on there with Mefjus, Proxima and vocalists like SPMC and Sarah Hezen, who is an amazing female vocalist we came across.”

Tickets for tonight’s L.A. show can be purchased here.


Follow Icicle on Facebook | Twitter.


By Lori Denman-Underhill




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New RAMlife Series Debuts with Loadstar Mix

Posted: August 27th, 2014

RAMlife, a new compilation series from Andy C’s label, welcomes a bass-fueled mix by Loadstar that reflects the label’s signature sounds. Featuring artists like Noisia, DC Breaks, The Prototype, Hive, Dimension, Wilkinson, and Cyantific, the mix promises to please junglists from all corners of the genre. 

When we were putting the mix together, we really wanted to represent the RAM sound, choosing tracks and artists that we have been heavily supporting in our DJ sets over the past few months,” Loadstar says about the mix on RAM. “It also gave us the opportunity to give out some of the VIPs people have been asking after.”

The RAMlife Loadstar mix can be purchased here.

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Metalheadz to release Ulterior Motive’s debut album

Posted: August 26th, 2014

Set to release out to the masses from Metalheadz on October 6 is the debut album by Ulterior Motive, The Fourth Wall. This funky trip with “organic groove and electric power,” as described by label boss Goldie, is sure to please any junglist’s fantasy. The duo, which grew up on rave culture, spent a year producing the high energy album, which features guest rappers and vocalists.

“We really wanted to use and work with people who hadn’t worked within the drum & bass format before,” stated Ulterior Motive on Metalheadz. “It’s outside perspectives like that that bring a new twist to things. We found James Sunderland by scouring the internet and just thought he sounded amazing and wanted him on the album.”

A two-track sampler from the project will be available on September 15.



01. Stay feat. James Sunderland
02. Sideways
03. Open Up
04. Keep It Moving
05. Searchers
06. Short Circuit
07. Tape Pack
08. INTA-National
09. Muted feat. James Sunderland
10. Edges
11. The Rattler
12. Longshot
13. You Must See
14. Chapters feat. Meyhem Lauren & Brotherman


By Lori Denman-Underhill


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Dance Compilation Benefits Autism Research

Posted: August 20th, 2014

In an effort to raise awareness for autism, numerous electronic music talents have banded together to create Bass for Autism Vol. Two, a compilation to support nonprofit Organization for Autism Research (OAR). The group provides much needed information to those affected by autism, raises research funds, and provides post-secondary scholarships to students afflicted by the disease. The group is also behind Operation Autism, which supports American families in the military affected by autism.

The first volume—and the corresponding online benefit festival—raised over $3,700. This latest volume has over 40 new tracks by artists Photon, Xilent, Curious Kontrol, Panda Eyes, Savant, Rameses B and more.Those interested in helping fund this great cause are encouraged to purchase the compilation for $19.99 on Bandcamp.


By Lori Denman-Underhill 

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Must Listen: The Ultimate DnB Soundclash

Posted: August 19th, 2014

It all went down this week between four top drum and bass labels that deserves a listen now.

To celebrate BBC Radio 1Xtra’s 12-year anniversary, they hosted the DnB Soundclash live with MistaJam on August 14.

It’s a junglist’s dream bout, which features four teams of DJs in their studios battling in three-minute rounds. Mixing it up live was Shogun Audio vs. Hospital Records vs. Ram Records vs. Viper Recordings. It was available live on the 1Xtra webcam and judged by DJ Crissy Criss, MistaJam, and the 1Xtra production team. And of course, the listeners, who Facebooked, tweeted and texted their comments at the end of each round.

Opening with an anthem introduction from Andy C, the mix begins with team RAM and the mighty Mind Vortex, and is packed with classics we long for. DJ Friction with Shogun Audio comes in with some speedy jump up jungle with spotted deep bass. Hospital Records enters the scene next, kicking it off with S.P.Y. In the wings waiting to disperse injections are also Fred V and Grafix, Metrik, London Elektricity…damn! They even brought in a strobe light to the studio for added effect. Team Viper drops in with an intro by Rhymestar who brought it in heavy with Futurebound, Captain Collins, Brookes Brothers, The Prototypes, Six Blade and more. They bring in the seriously heavy bass and transition into some sweet rhythms. The battles continue on, you gotta drop in a listen for yourself.

The lucky winners were team Hospital Records, who took home the trophy. Congrats!


By Lori Denman-Underhill

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