Etherwood Brings On The Goosebumps

Posted: May 24th, 2015

As Med School Music continues to impress with its ability to curate the very best work from bass music artists across the spectrum, Etherwood drops in to deliver an exquisite little drum & bass roller just in time for those long summer nights.

While Zara Kershaw’s vocals bring on the goosebump-inducing shivers, it’s the smooth sweep of ethereal pads and piano-driven chords that make this one of those melancholy bits you have to play over and over again just to work the heartache away. And it’s not just the top-notch production but the songwriting itself that gets you. Lyrics like:

We’ll run until it all falls down
And never count the years
One day I’ll bring you something more
Than just these souvenirs

It just doesn’t get any better than this. With remixes coming in from S.P.Y., Ulterior Motive and Friend Within, this is one of those essential packages that is sure to be mesmerizing dancefloors across the board all summer long.

Due June 8 so lock it in now as this one’s essential.


By Chris Muniz

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Draco Revisits Babylon

Posted: May 23rd, 2015

Straight from the heart of São Paulo, Brazil comes the fresh sound of Draco via the Rockers 175 imprint. With so much tuneage being tossed around these days it’s hard to stand out on top, but Draco does just that with a unique mix of jump-up and neuro-influenced rollers that are perfect for those looking to sneak some secret weapons into the mix.

“Divination” and “Don’t Believe In the Devil” are dark head-trippers centered on eerie vocals, shuffling beats, and dirty bottom end that keeps things in the red all the way throughout. “Rock In” steps up the energy with some well-timed bass bombs and stomping beats sprinkled with a little dubby soundclash salt and pepper to keep it real.

My favorite has to be the smooth and minimal roller known as “Babylon.” Using a familiar sample to those who know their jungle history, this one builds a proper stepping vibe before sucking the oxygen straight out your lungs with a massive sub-bass groove that’s sure to be having the heads bawling for a reload.

Big tings a gwan! Lock yours in now!


By Chris Muniz

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Dailiv Emerges From The Shadows

Posted: May 22nd, 2015

Deep and dangerous vibes from the Saint-Petersburg- based artist known as Dailiv. While Onset Audio are known for delivering the dark and heavy vibes, Dailiv takes things down into half-time territory where the beats and bass creep along with a haunting cinematic flavor.

“Totem” is like the intro to some esoteric ritual as the percussive elements wind their way around the soundscape before the steady bass comes dragging in. It’s when the hi-hats and the percussive elements start shivering and shaking in a hypnotic call-and-response that things really start to take off and you know you’re in the hands of a master.

“Ghoul” mines a similar vein but is even more abstract and fractured in its approach to the heart of darkness. From the throbbing bassline to the swirling atmospheres and the twitching percussion, this one takes things down low before building it back up again, one element at a time.

Impressive beat alchemy from the new school Russian that’s sure to have you hungry for more. Out now worldwide. 


By Chris Muniz

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Nymfo Brings On The Zombie-Twitch

Posted: May 21st, 2015

Commercial Suicide locks it in with Nymfo on deck once again, this time in the form of a monster four-tracker bubbling with rolling beats and heavy basslines.

Leading the way is the title track, “Brainfeeder,” that sets the pace with a kind of tripped-out, frenetic groove. “Planetarium” takes things a touch deeper with a moody atmosphere and steady stepping beat keeping things centered while the haunting, shifting atmosphere keeps things interesting.

“Shivers” is a personal favorite if only for the way it sticks and moves with deadly precision. As the kick punches and the bass slithers, smaller details and elements come together in a hypnotic call-and-response that is sure to have you lost on the dancefloor.

If you’re looking for the really big beats, head straight to the head-crusher known as “Shelter” where Nymfo links up with none other than Dutty Audio’s own BTK. It’s a shivering, growling beast of the darkest order sure to have all the late-night zombie crew twitching their way towards the speakers hungry for more. This cut is only available as a digital bonus track so be sure to lock your preorder in now before it goes live on May 25.


By Chris Muniz

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Calibre Takes On The Exquisite 'Strumpet'

Posted: May 20th, 2015

Marcus Intalex calls him the “magical music machine,” and with his latest four-track EP for the ever-essential Exit Records, it’s easy to see why. Having earned a reputation as an expert craftsman on the “liquid” side of things, Calibre takes things much, much deeper with this one, letting each tune roll out far past the usual four- or five-minute stopping point. These are tunes designed for a different kind of listening and dancing experience, ones where the intricate and delicate exploration of beats, basslines, and hypnotic, trance-inducing atmospheres takes center stage.

The title track, “Strumpet,” unfolds like a hazy dreamscape with the energy ebbing and flowing as the chords and pads rise and fall in a playful almost intimate way. If you’re keen on out-of-body experiences, use this as the soundtrack of your journeys to other realms of consciousness.

“Stranger” hits with that signature clean Calibre vibe that instantly transports those who know back to the early 2000s. Like a ghostly crew of live musicians vibing it out one last time before the sun comes up, this one shivers and shakes in all the right places.

Where the first half of the EP takes things low, the second half starts to amp up the hustle. “The Sweet” rolls out the urgent vibes that kick and roll around an ever-transforming electric soundscape before “Concrete” steps and growls its way to the end of yet another Calibre classic.

Advanced beats for evolved humans. Get yours now.


By Chris Muniz

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