[Playlist] Chee’s Influences & Inspirations
[Playlist] Chee’s Influences & Inspirations

Unfathomable amounts of excitement and anticipation have been buzzing around the newest forthcoming release from German-based Saturate!Records label that quite honestly might be the imprint’s most evil and enticing release to date. On February 7, Saturate will unleash Fear Monger (STRTLP009) by 19-year-old South African producing prodigy Chee. Having already received support from the likes of heavy hitters like DJ Craze, Moodygood, G Jones and Noisia, up-and-coming mystery man Chee has been doling out extremely sophisticated and genre-bending tunes for such a young age, and this is all bound to be just the beginning.

Packed to the brim with 13 mind-bending, speaker-shredded and auditorily assaulting tracks, Chee’s Fear Monger is nothing short of an infectious and highly volatile adventure through the one-of-a-kind creative perspective of this young artist. In anticipation for the release of Fear Monger, we had Chee curate a hefty list of some of today’s biggest musical influences and inspirations driving his unique sound.

G Jones “Signal”
“The one thing I’ve always admired about G Jones is his intention of just not giving a damn when making his tunes. That being said, ‘Signal’ is a sound design abomination in the best way possible.”

Holier “Pulse” (Subp Yao Remix)
“I recently found Subp Yao through Saturate!Records and been jamming his tunes in my recent sets. This track in particular is very different than his usual style; it’s extremely dark and that’s definitely my shit!”

Cousin Litt “Cousin Litt’s Revenge”
“A lot of my close friends know how much I praise Tsuruda and finding out he had another alias made me lose my mind. I love the simplicity in this track and the lo-fi style to it.”

Kage “Uso”
“Kage is definitely one of my favorite newly-sprouted gems to come out of South Africa. Funny enough, we met each other at a beat battle in Cape Town and kicked it off from there. Definitely someone to look out for in the future; absolute madman.”

Monuman “Thinkn”
“I can’t begin to describe the amount of weight this track has. Everything Monuman has been putting out is just straight up gnarly. If ever you’re listening to a halftime set, there’s no way you won’t hear his track ‘Rise.’”

“Kursa’s rhythmic patterns always leave me baffled and I personally think he has played a massive role in my production ever since the glitch-hop Caliber Music days.”

Sofie Letitre “Wonder When” (Ivy Lab Remix)
“C’mon, this is Ivy Lab we’re talking about now. This whole playlist is basically music inspired by the style they’ve been pushing for years. I think it’s obvious that they’re It Hz’s biggest inspiration. Legendary.”

Phizicist ft. FRQNT, Daniel Roxburgh & Michelle Albertyn “The Irony”
“The more experimental side of things, this song and the album have a more emotional connection than anything else for me. Phizicist has been a musical inspiration and in a way, a role model. He has introduced me and many others to everything electronic the country has to offer, and is definitely the most underrated producer here. Sound design skills are very Amon Tobin influenced and the quality is 10/10.”

Visceral “Phrasing”
“Not once have I played a set without this since the release. I have mad respect for Visceral and the whole Renraku team. Everyone should peep this guy’s stuff.”

Steelan Sensoria Concept Pt. 2
“This is a mini-mix of sheer sound design hell and mash-up mayhem. Steelan’s editing techniques will leave you questioning your existence and your will to live.”

Malux “Shylock”
“Shylock” is what I expect drum & bass to sound like in the year 2042. Malux’s crispy drums and his thick basslines will leave you questioning whether production is your thing! I’ve been waiting for a release of this for a whole year and it sounds just as great as the first time I heard it in his ‘Bad Taste’ podcast.”

Yokaze “Mental Provocateur”
“This could be a sleep paralysis theme song. Honestly, Yokaze is pushing boundaries and I think that’s why he fits well with the Renraku team. His eerie atmospheres are spine chilling.”