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PEEKABOO Ushers in An Alien Invasion

With his debut EP due to drop on Liquid Stranger’s Wakaan imprint at the end of the week, we tapped the budding freeform bass heavyweight for an “


Minnesota Levels up on WAKAAN

Liquid Stranger’s WAKAAN hosts the latest weird and wonderful vision of Minnesota.

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Minnesota “Dark Crystal”

Liquid Stranger’s Wakaan imprint locks in a wild, synapse-frying ride from Minnesota. Consider yourself warned and prepare to fly!


[Free Download] LUZCID ‘Hypnagogia’ EP

Prepare to trip out on the Houston-based LUZCID’s ‘Hypnagogia’ EP that Wakaan is offering up for free download!


[Free Download] Liquid Stranger ‘Weird & Wonderful’ Remix EP

The Swedish mastermind known as Liquid Stranger curates a boundary-pushing remix collection of his ‘Weird & Wonderful’ EP.


[Q&A] Liquid Stranger’s Weird & Wonderful World

Prepare to have your head twisted as you enter the weird and wonderful dreamscape of Liquid Stranger.


5 Tunes That Changed My Life: Space Jesus

Space Jesus digs deep in the vault and serves up the tunes that influenced his futuristic style.


Liquid Stranger Blurs Genre Lines with Wakaan

Liquid Stranger reveals the first genre-bending release on his newly minted Wakaan imprint.