12th Planet Talks Super Bowl Predictions And Smog City Vol. 3
12th Planet Talks Super Bowl Predictions And Smog City Vol. 3

Like any landmark in the great city of Los Angeles, it’s always a pleasure to drop in on 12th Planet. While catching up with the artist known as John Dadzie in his own neighborhood of DTLA—shortly before he and the Smog crew take over Exchange—we not only learn that Smog City is expanding with a third installment of its famed compilation, but a stateside tour is also in the works, featuring a slew of Smog affiliates.

With a busy 2015 tour schedule looming, 12th shares info about his latest collabs and offers a prediction for this year’s Super Bowl.


What are you looking for when selecting tracks for Smog City compilations?
[The] main criteria is that it has to be an artist that has released on SMOG that year. It’s a way to reflect on the year and all the talented artists we’ve worked with.

We get a fresh art concept with every new Smog release. What is the theme of the artwork for Smog City 3?
It’s [a] futuristic, Blade Runner-type city that happens to look [like] Hong Kong.

What’s the hottest tune you received in your inbox this week?
This Justin Bieber tune produced by Jack Ü.

Can you tell us about any special collaboration in the works?
I’ve got this new collab with Trollphace, JuJu, and Omar Linx.

How did your recent performance in Seoul go? What is the scene like?
Culturally it’s cool because their underground scene is reemerging in a really exciting way. People think of PSY and the gangnam lifestyle, but there’s a new crew from Itaewon that is bringing the underground music to more people. [I] got to go B2B with Off-White owner Virgil Abloh and the Dead End Crew #ddndmvmt at Cake Shop Seoul. I had so much fun out there!

What’s the best/worst thing about living in DTLA?
The fact that all my closest friends live on the same street is the best thing about it. The fact that we never get to see each other in downtown because we’re all on tour so much is the worst thing.

Most memorable festival moments of 2014?
EDC Las Vegas and Electric Forrest for sure. The two are very different kinds of festivals but [I] had an amazing time playing at both in 2014.

How do you keep tour life fresh on the road?
I play Clash of Clans. My clan is called Blooddaggers. Protohype, Mayhem and a bunch of professional paintballers are in it.

Predictions for the Super Bowl?
Seattle 35 – New England 16.

Smog City 3 Vol. 3 is out now and available for download here.