Just in time for the haunting season, Forbidden Society Recordings offers up a chest-rattling EP from Donny, Forbidden Society, and Katharsys under their 3RDKND moniker. Known for their hard and aggressive approach to drum and bass, the Cognitive EP is an untethered glimpse into the darker side of the genre.

With each and every tune going in for the kill, expect the electricity to fly when each of these beasts is unleashed upon the dancefloor. As if the full EP wasn’t enough to get all the ruffnecks in the mood, the crew landed an exclusive remix of “The Artifact” from the untouchable force known as Audio. Weighing in on the proceedings with that anabolic flex he’s best known for, the tune twists and turns like a writhing neuro-dosed serpent with razor-sharp teeth.

Check the exclusive Bassrush premiere of this heater and mark your calendars for November 9 when the full power of the Cognitive EP hits the streets.

Artwork created by Tony Midi