With those hot, lazy days of summer coming to a close, we thought we’d touch down with the one and only bassbin badmon known as Digital for a quick walk down memory lane to the golden era of jungle/drum & bass. Capturing those end-of-the-summer feels with a mix of deep and heavy vibes from yesteryear, the melancholic atmospheres that seemed to permeate these classic cuts seems to sit just right as we watch the sun go down on yet another season.

Manix + Rufige Kru “You Held My Hand” (Markmac + Goldie remix) (Reinforced, 1993)
Easily one of my favorite tracks. Lush, awesome breaks, and a rub-a-dub dirty bassline. This track has everything.

Photek “Rings Around Saturn” (Photek, 1995)
This brilliant piece of music will sound fantastic anytime of the year, but makes for some serious end-of-summer vibes!

Source Direct “Secret Liaison” (Good Looking, 1996)
I absolutely loved drum & bass around these times because it seemed like artists were making music for everyone, not just 17-year-old students!

Nookie “Shining in Da Darkness” (Reinforced, 1993)
Why did I choose this? It’s the raver in me! I loved a journey tune when I was raving and if you don’t understand what I mean, that’s your business!

Apollo Two “Atlantis (I Need You)” [LTJ Bukem remix] (Good Looking, 1993)
Smooth like silk. This track will always stand the test of time.

Bridge the old with the new on Technique’s 15 Years of Summer Selection, featuring none other than Digital in the cut on the aptly titled “Groove Together.”