5 Old-School Tunes That Changed My Life: A-Sides
5 Old-School Tunes That Changed My Life: A-Sides

Congratulations are in order as Jason Cambridge, the man known best as DJ A-Sides, celebrates 25 years of DJing around the globe and delivering cutting edge D&B to the masses.

Having spent his formative years representing the likes of whistle-laden hardcore on through to jungle and modern D&B, A-Sides has more than earned his street cred. With notable works on his own Eastside Records imprint and collaborations including Mc Fats, Makoto and Jenna G, his personal release count spills over the edge of 500.

What better way to celebrate 25 years of international bass blasting than taking a trip through the tune time machine with A-Sides himself?

If Goldie is behind the decks when you do play it, that shit is definitely getting wheeled!

Splash ”Babylon“ (Deejay Recordings, 1995)
Fellow Essex boy Darren Ellis (a.k.a. Daz) did some serious damage with this one. After a number of giant tracks on his own labels Juice and Splash, this one got picked up by Deejay Recordings. Uplifting pad intro with crisp breaks before the dub siren and “Babylon shall fall!” vocal sample; then the amen and bass let loose with the dog bark. Game over!

Pretty much guaranteed to smash up dancefloors back then and even now. If Goldie is behind the decks when you do play it, that shit is definitely getting wheeled!

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Lennie De Ice “We Are I.E.” (I.E. Records, 1991)
This is a very special tune for me and it paved the way for jungle music with its use of the “Amen Brother” beat and dub reggae basslines. Not only did this come from the same stable as I was from—De Underground Records in Forest Gate—but I was also with DJ Randall at Living Dream in London when he played it out for the first time prior to its release, which kicked off the I.E. Records imprint.

Again a nice intro with its recognizable “We Are I.E.” vocal, rewind samples, basic pads, and half-time beats before the amen break and bassline kick in. Let me hear you scream!

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Q Project “Champion Sound” (Legend Records, 1993)
Oxford boy, nutter, and one-half of Total Science, Quiff, came correct here and took the hardcore stab to another level. The O.G. version got things moving but I don’t think people would have predicted what was about to be. In my opinion it was really the Alliance Remix that made its mark and took this track to a new plateau.

No one can ever forget that twisted, jaw-gurning stab and those horns with those rolling, hot pants beats and 808 bass. Champion sound rule my world. Timeless, hardcore drum & bass.

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Metal Heads “Terminator” (Synthetic Records, 1992)
What can I say about this one? Groundbreaking, pinnacle, darkside D&B right here. Metal Heads (a.k.a. Goldie) made us all step up the production a notch or two with “Terminator” when it dropped on Synthetic Records. He took time-stretching, the “Funky Drummer” break, and sound design of the Mentasm to another level, leaving most producers scratching their heads wondering what to do next.

Little did we know Goldie was also laying down the foundations for what was to become the birth of the legendary Metalheadz imprint and his studio adventures with Moving Shadow’s Rob Playford resulting in the legendary Timeless album.

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Apollo Two “Atlantis” (Good Looking Records, 1993)
Over the last 15 years LTJ Bukem has been one of the main pioneers of the liquid funk style of drum & bass. While things were getting nasty in the jungle, tracks like this brought a breath of fresh air and stood out in a club. The girls loved the liquid funk sound and the musical, soulful vibes were creeping back bringing the sound of the summer to people’s attention. Atmospherics were good to go and LTJ Bukem loved a great intro as demonstrated on this track.

Originally inspired by Detroit techno (Reel By Reals Surkit sample) Bukem showed us how to roll things out nice. Smooth amen beats, melodic bass, lush vocals and percussion were all part of the liquid funk sound; this one is a must!

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