5 Tunes That Changed My Life: Cookie Monsta
5 Tunes That Changed My Life: Cookie Monsta

We ask some of bass music’s finest to choose five tunes from any era, any genre, or any period of their lives that have not only inspired or influenced them but changed their lives in some way.

This [track] brought the idea that I could make my own music without being a millionaire.

Jon E Cash “Invasion” (Black Ops, 2004)
I heard this on a pirate radio station—an illegally broadcasting signal that played all types of music. I was about 12 or 13 and I used to religiously listen in to certain DJ’s shows. This one along with a few others just captivated me because they were so simple and people on the streets made them. I was already heavily into my music and I had a passion to make music by myself, but being so young I had no idea. This and a few other [tracks] brought the idea that I could make my own music without being a millionaire.

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Danny Weed “Creeper” (Roll Deep Recordings, 2002)
This is another massive grime/sub low genre track that heavily influenced me to make music. These styles of beats just blew me away even though they were so simple and basic. The music production idea was lodged into my brain and wouldn’t leave.

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Rusko “Jahova” (Sub Soldiers, 2007)
This track was absolutely huge and still is. It changed so much for the dubstep scene back in 2007. This one is nine years old! I still remember hearing it in a club and smashing the place down. This was one of the tracks that made me want to make dubstep. Rusko will remain one of the dons of today’s dubstep.

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Pendulum “Masochist” (Noisia Remix) (Unreleased)
I think I heard this somewhere in 2008. I remember listening to it like it was a movie; I hadn’t heard much of that epic movie style intro, so it caught me by the ear. Everything about that intro teased everything I loved about music. The drop blew my socks off; I’ve always loved hard-hitting music, heavy bass and slapping kicks/snares. I was already heavily into drum & bass but this was something else!

Dizzee Rascal “I Luv U” (XL Recordings, 2003)
This one’s another UK grime track with a grime MC don: Dizzee Rascal. His newer stuff is awful but when he was living in the streets he made the best music. He made his own instrumentals as well—massive hard house kicks and crazy percussion. I think it was released in 2003. This is still an absolute banger!

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