5 Tunes That Changed My Life: Heist
5 Tunes That Changed My Life: Heist Photo by Chelone Wolf

For nearly a decade, Heist has been Goldie’s trusted right-hand man, acting as his engineer, musical adviser and confidant. After many years and production credits, we finally see his long awaited EP, Violent Rain, and trust us—it’s well worth the wait. Executing the iconic Metalheadz drum & bass aesthetic while leaving his style firmly implanted was exactly what was accomplished.

While entrenched in many projects like running his three imprints—Sumo Beats, Calypso, and Co-Lab Recordings with the help of long time partner Benny Co-lab—this full-time music mogul takes us on a journey through the expansive Metalheadz back catalogue and selects five tracks that forever changed his life and career path.

Marcus & ST were pioneers of “liquid” D&B before the genre was even coined! This track just oozes sex appeal.

Dillinja “The Angels Fell” (Metalheadz, 1995)
This track was so ahead of its time. You can listen to it now and still get a futuristic feel about it. Some very clever sampling was done in this track, too. One of Dillinja’s finest moments on Metalheadz.

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Doc Scott “The Unoffical Ghost” (Metalheadz, 1996)
I remember walking into my local record shop in Colchester and hearing the guy working in there listening to this on the deck. I instantly thought, “I’m gonna buy this track!” I was a massive Doc Scott fan (still am) and was pleasantly surprised it was him on the production. Ethereal vibes and pin point production—seminal Headz tune.

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Adam F “Metropolis” (Metalheadz, 1996)
I really didn’t get the full picture with this track when I first bought it. I mean, I loved it from the start, but with more listens it just got better and better! I heard things that I didn’t hear on the first couple of listens and with such an amazing sound design and drums, this one set the tone for more tracks to follow its trail. Another track that was so ahead of its time—a futuristic steppa that still sounds fresh to this day.

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Rufige Kru “Beachdrifta” (Metalheadz, 2001)
I first heard Jumping Jack Frost playing this on Kiss FM before it got officially released. I recorded the show and must’ve listened to it over 1000 times before it actually came out. This is an example of another track that did things that had never been done before. Samples of waves crashing on a shore, orchestral ensembles, unconventional drum patterns, and a b-line that sounds like it shouldn’t work with the arrangement…but does so well! Pioneering shit, Goldie!

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Marcus Intalex & ST Files “Universe” (Metalheadz, 2001)
Not only is this in my top five Headz tracks, it’s in my top 10 favorite drum & bass tracks of all time. Marcus & ST were pioneers of “liquid” D&B before the genre was even coined! This track just oozes sex appeal—big b-lines, spiritual vocals, and timeless flavas through and through. Essential Metalheadz.

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