5 Tunes That Changed My Life: The Prototypes
5 Tunes That Changed My Life: The Prototypes

Welcome to a series where we ask some of bass music’s finest to choose five tunes from any era and in any genre that have inspired them, influenced them, and maybe even changed their lives.

Pantera was and will always be one of my favorite metal bands.

Nookie “Gonna Be Alright” (Cloud 9 Remix) (Reinforced, 1993)
Nick: I stole a Dr. S Gachet & MC Shadow tape off my older brother when I was about 11. It was from Fusion in Farnborough and I used to listen to it in the playground at school. When I heard this tune it completely blew my mind. I had no idea what genre it was but it sounded incredible. From then on I was addicted to hardcore jungle, which led me to where I am now. The piano riff and vocal still makes my hairs stand on the end. Nookie, I salute you.

DJ Trace “Mutant Revisited” (Emotif, 1996)
Nick: I first heard Ray Keith play this in 2002 at the Sanctuary in Milton Keynes (RIP). I remember completely losing the plot. I had never heard anything like it in my life. As soon as the tape pack came out I purchased it and put this straight on and was once again blown away. Took me years to find out who it was by—it made me want to be a drum & bass DJ. A flawless piece of music by the legend that is Trace.

Pantera “Walk” (ATCO, 1993)
Chris: Both my older brothers were heavily into metal from when I was about 5 and they were both in bands. This left a lasting effect on me. Pantera was and will always be one of my favorite metal bands, in particular the whole of their album Vulgar Display of Power, which is probably my favorite and definitely most listened to.

The Source ft. Candi Station “You’ve Got the Love” (Truelove, 1990)
Chris: This song has left a lasting impression on me since the very first time I heard it, probably in my early teens. The strings and chords strike such a haunting yet moving place within, and the drum breaks and production must have been amazing for its time. As if that wasn’t enough, you’re left with such a sick vocal that brings it all together.

Concord Dawn “Morning Light” (Timeless, 2002)
Chris & Nick: For both of us this track really stands out as one of the most influential pieces of work—it defines an era of drum & bass and was ‘that tune’ that made you rush with the intro, get the release from the disgusting Reese before the drop, and then total ‘let’s go fucking nuts’ on the drop. We’ve been pulling for this one again in our sets recently! Forever legends!