5 Tunes That Changed Our Lives: Hypoxia
5 Tunes That Changed Our Lives: Hypoxia

With their head-cracking Cognition EP on Eatbrain still smashing up the dance, the Belgian duo known as Hypoxia step up for a proper glimpse into the sounds that have shaped and continue to influence their hard, dark, tech-heavy neurofunk sound.

If you’re unfamiliar with that epic Hypoxia sound, then brace yourself and check the moody sci-fi horror the boys are cooking in the lab here before diving off the deep end into a list of life-changing cuts that unfold like a well-crafted journey into the outer regions of space and time.

It’s one of those tracks that makes you bang your head through a wall and hit the replay button. When Max is playing this one, I can see the twinkle in his eye and his hands get all sweaty from resisting the urge to rewind.

Kemal “Bleed” (Negative, 2000)
We discovered this a few years ago at a rave. It’s one of those tracks that makes you bang your head through a wall and hit the replay button. When Max is playing this one, I can see the twinkle in his eye and his hands get all sweaty from resisting the urge to rewind. Heavy breathing techno influenced beats with an analog feel; this sound makes digital producers pee their pants. We need more of this in our lives.

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Harvey McKay “The Mad Drummer” (Drumcode, 2016)
This chest ripping techno track could be a younger sister of “Bleed.” With a similar feeling, the pumping bass and dirty hi-hats just take you on a field trip to the world of analog. Hipsters would shave their beards for this.

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Raketkanon “Anna” (Zealrecords, 2012)
Raketkanon (“Rocketcannon”)… such a great name. This makes us giggle every time. It’s a band from Ghent [in Belgium] and you love them or you totally hate them. Their music is kinda hard to explain, but you can compare them to an ice cream made from organic dirt and flavored with rainbow sprinkles. In musical terms we would refer to them as noisy-metal-sludge-doomy-experimental with gibberish on top. We wouldn’t be surprised if Pieter-Paul Devos (vocals) did the parseltongue parts for Harry Potter; he’s a genius. Since this headache material isn’t for everyone, we suggest you start with something more subtle, like “Anna.”

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Millionaire “We Don’t Live There Anymore” (PIAS, 2005)
As one of Belgium’s greatest (ex) bands, everyone should know their music or at least the track “Champagne” from their debut album. Besides “Champagne” they have a lot of other cool tracks with some twisted electronic influences, tempo changing moments, and cool guitar riffs. “We Don’t Live There Anymore” is featured on their second album, Paradisiac, which was produced by Josh Homme. Turn up those speakers and just let the bassline do the talking.

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Bonobo “Know You” (Ninja Tune, 2013)
Isn’t it beautiful to see those BBQ sausages cook while Bonobo is playing in the background? Even a vegan gets all sexy with some tofu when his music is around. His organic grooves do remind us how easy and beautiful life should be. We’re big fans of Bonobo since we listened to Black Sands. “Know You” is a track from his last album, The North Borders, and is one of those tracks which gets you in the mood at every occasion.

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