A-Cray’s Neurofunk Assault With ‘Lasers & Stuff’
A-Cray’s Neurofunk Assault With ‘Lasers & Stuff’ Photo by Bushman Media

Since his first releases in 2012 and 2013, A-Cray has been a consummate label-hopper. In those five years he’s released on every imprint from Authentic Music to Mindtech to Neodigital to RAM. He’s released a solo track and a collab with DABS on Eatbrain thus far, and with his ultra-techy style of neurofunk plus his capacity for some killer halftime, it’s no surprise he’s landed back with Eatbrain for his first EP on the equally techy imprint.

Lasers & Stuff is due out this coming Monday on March 18 and it’s a short one but it has all the elements of a solid hard bass release and will likely play well on the dancefloor come festival season. The three-track offering makes quick work of all the best elements in hard D&B: one stepper, one roller, one deep bass halftime track and all dancefloor stinkers.

The title track on Lasers & Stuff delivers what the title promises: a study in lasers and other D&B stuff. It’s got an intro that’s both cinematic and desolate, with both the beat and the phrase-transitioning wonky synth coming in before the drop. Announcing said drop is the first set of laser sounds and the addition to the beat of a more steppy kick.

The laser sounds throughout “Lasers & Stuff” are quite new and different in this, a genre that has produced a seemingly endless number of laser samples, so at the very least A-Cray did a lot of modifying to come up with these sounds. He then adds some contrasting laser sounds which seem like they’re sort of shooting across the original laser sounds. No shortage of lasers here, folks.

It’s nice that A-Cray has decided to start releasing EPs again, as it was definitely nice to have a chunk of sound from the Czech artist and really catch the vibes he can throw with his production. Here’s hoping that Lasers & Stuff sparks a new trend in A-Cray’s releases and he unleashes a lot more “stuff” on the D&B world.

Lasers & Stuff drops March 18 on a Beatport exclusive on Eatbrain.  The worldwide release will be April 1 so stay tuned to Eatbrain.net for details on where to stream and purchase.