The 19-year old Slovakian producer known as A.way builds upon his dubstep roots and comes roaring out the gate with a heavyweight four-track EP on the drum and bass tip for Sinful Maze Recordings.

While all four cuts from the ‘Mindless EP’ are guaranteed to rattle your ribs, we’re stoked to be able to premiere one of our favorite tracks from the project: “Kingdom” that features Notequal in the cut.

Opening with a cinematic flair, the haunting vocals belie the darkness that begins to creep in from the edges. As the dark begins to clash with the light, the tension builds to the breaking point before hurling us into the heart of the tune proper.

It’s a great introduction to yet another fresh face eager to break through at the international level. Check the Bassrush premiere of this one below and be sure to stream/download the rest of the ‘Mindless EP’ here.