Power Glow is definitely an appropriate name for Agressor Bunx’s new EP, as it’s a somewhat chilled out version of the Ukranian artist’s usual style. That said, there’s still plenty of “power” behind the “glow” here. With fast snares, crunchy synths and plenty of fun, the “aggression” in Agressor Bunx is nowhere near gone. This one’s all about playing with vibes.

One of the ways Agressor Bunx has given more funky, smooth vibes to Power Glow is with some cinematic sounds in the intros and ambient background of most of the tracks. The title track, for example, has lots of soundplay in the backing music, which ranges from dramatic to ominous and back again. There’s also a secondary synth here which is low and metallic and switches from following the beat to being in the track’s main driving force. In album opener “In Deep,” the intro’s first notes are smooth and emotive before it launches into a more neuro-framed synth combo.

That said, on “In Deep” the other thing that’s noticeable is a sort of muted, snare-heavy and amen-inspired drum track which is another way Agressor Bunx has smoothed out some of the rough edges on Power Glow. Similarly in “Victorious” featuring Coppa, the beat is muted, minimal and snare-driven. On this track, however, the syncopation of said beat is quite complex and hearkens back to early techstep vibes. The synths match that vibe and with the addition of Coppa’s fast and urgent vocals, this track ramps up the intensity of the EP.

Closing out the release, “Bad Karma” is definitely the heaviest track of the four on Power Glow and one fans will recognize as classic Agressor Bunx. It does still strike that balance between heavy and funky that he seems to be going for on this release but it is definitively in the dancefloor banger wheelhouse.

It seems lately many neurofunk and hard D&B producers have been experimenting more with melody, funkier beats and snares as a trend this year but Agressor Bunx, while also experimenting on Power Glow, is doing something different. By backing off the drum tracks, ramping up the snares and adding little bits of emotive sound design, they’ve made a really different release while still holding true to their style. Hard and danceable yet emotive and pretty, Power Glow is a definite glow up for its creator.

Power Glow is out today, November 15 on Eatbrain. Click here to purchase on Beatport or stream on Spotify.