Play Me Records is kickstarting the weekend with a monster single courtesy of Airglo, Wraith, and the ever-essential MC Dino.¬†With an elemental urgency that ignites the vibe right from the start, this one is party music through and through as Dino sounds the alarm with the vocal hook: “Calling all freaks.”

As the energy of the intro builds to the breaking point, the swirling vibes of the aptly titled “Freak Show” give way to a punishing dancefloor workout that whipsaws through expertly crafted elements of shimmering mid-range filth before doubling back on a thundering wall of bass.

The whole fam brings their A-game on this one as Airglo continues to go from strength to strength and Wraith steps back into the ring to flex as only he can do. Of course, the star of the show is Dino himself as his instantly recognizable voice and flow is sure to transport you back to those hot and sweaty nights where you and the squad were wilding out under the electric sky.

This one drops today so let your freak flag fly and lock yours in here.