AKOV Knows ‘U Want It’
AKOV Knows ‘U Want It’

AKOV’s last solo EP was released just over a year ago, but that doesn’t mean he hasn’t been out there shaking it up. Quite the contrary: he’s released multiple tracks on multiple labels and done a number of collabs, for a start. He’s also engaged his listeners via a series of hilarious promo videos, come out with a new hip-hop project and decided to dip his toe in some dubstep and halftime madness. For his seminal return to Eatbrain with his new EP U Want It, however, it’s all fast, hard neurofunk, thank you very much.

Just because the Space Bear is expanding deeper into bass space doesn’t mean he’s lost his D&B edge. In fact, he only seems to be he’s sharpening that edge with massive rollers like “Interstellar” and the title track, both featuring blisteringly fast lyrics by MC Multiplex.

In an interesting twist, there are two mixes of the track “Blind.” The “Sun” and “Moon” mixes are quite different, save for the hauntingly beautiful vocal sample. The “Moon” mix is heavy, harsh, hard D&B style which contrasts with the vocal and makes it stand out more, while the “Sun” mix has a little more steppiness to it (dare we say jump up?) and sort of rolls with the vocals a bit more. They’re both stunners, however, and will likely get a whole lot of play on the upcoming festival circuit.

Since he’s got so many balls in the air at the minute, it will be interesting to see what AKOV comes up with next. In an interview with Bassrush last month, he said he never intended to be only doing drum & bass, so the scene at large will have to wait and see what he’s got in store. In the meantime, it’s clear AKOV is also not going anywhere in terms of his love of drum & bass. When it comes to solid D&B releases, AKOV says, “U Want It, you got it.”

U Want It is out now on Eatbrain Beatport exclusive.