The Austrian-based AKOV returns to Bad Taste to close out the year with his untouchable style. This time around he’s bringing The Syndicate in on the madness for a raucous six-track EP of the same name. Consisting of Maztek, Billain, Exposure, Mean Teeth, Zombie Cats and Bad Taste Recordings label boss Vegas, the EP is an untethered dive into the darker side of the dancefloor.

One of our favorite tunes off the EP is the electrifying sizzler known as “Bulletproof” featuring AKOV and Mean Teeth in the cut. From the synth-driven shivers brought on by the interstellar intro, once you feel the engines gearing up for liftoff prepare to hit the deck as the afterburners kick in and the drop propels us into the stomping grind of the heart of the tune proper. With a tooth-rattling bottom end keeping things grounded, AKOV and Mean Teeth go head-to-head and smash it out in a way that has us already eager for these two to lock horns in the studio again.

While the rest of the EP is teeming with mech-warriors run amok, you have to wait until December 17 to get your filhty hands on it so check this razor-sharp offering from the EP above and lock in your pre-order of this one here.