Algo’s Official Neck-Breakers Playlist
Algo’s Official Neck-Breakers Playlist

With electronic music coursing through his veins, Baltimore native and Los Angeles dwelling DJ/producer Algo is absolutely killing it on every front. Returning to NSD’s Black Label with the heavyweight Watch Out EP earlier this year, David Tamini (aka Algo) keeps inspired by clocking plenty of hours in the studio working on his next batch of bangers. Never one to be constricted by genre, Algo has just debuted his house music project, Licked, with fellow producer Wenzday.

Still, for most fans, it’s the bassbin banging side of Algo that you’re after and as we approach tonight’s massive Riot Ten takeover at The Circle in Huntington Beach (full details and tix here). Algo gets us in the mood by briefing us on his current playlist featuring blazing tunes from the likes of Aweminus, MOOG, Kompany and more. Jump right in below with a quick recap of Algo’s favorite cuts to follow.

Badphaze & Hizzleguy “Murder Time”
“I just absolutely love the flow these dudes have on this tune; something about dotted note rhythms just get me moving, as well as that gnarly high pitched bass. This one is a certified rave destroyer.”

MOOG “Give It Up”
“This is by far one of my favorite dubplates right now by a somewhat secret alias. Everything about this song is just perfect to me; the intro and breaks give me 2012 dubstep vibes and the sound design is just purely insane! Way to make everyone want to quit producing! (Laughs, coughs) Mastodon. (Coughs)”

Calcium ft. Pi$CES ”F.W.Y.S”
“This dude Calcium has been cranking bangers out of nowhere and I am here for it! I absolutely love the hip-hop intro and Pi$CES slayed these verses. I just love how smoothly it rolls right into this perfect funky yet heavy drop! He kept the hip-hop drums which gives this song a whole different level of swag.”

Graphyt “Washing Machine”
“I have been rinsing this man’s tunes since I first heard his Get Crunk EP via NSD: Black Label last year and he’s always impressing me, but man did he outdo himself on this latest one. This is my favorite song off of his new Otherside EP. It goes without saying the intro on this is one of the most epic displays of sound design skills I’ve heard in a long time. As the intro rolls up into a straight stomper riddim followed by a wonky squeaky B section, this tune truly makes you feel like you’re in a washing machine…of bass.”

UBUR & Rekoil “Red Hot”
“This is exactly what I expected a collaboration between these two badasses would sound like, in the best way! I am in love with the oriental influenced intro with that ominous breakbeat hiding underneath. The sample exclaims, ‘This match will get red hot!’ which is the perfect choice because the battle of UBUR’s gut wrenching growls fighting with Rekoil’s signature bass chugs throughout the drop is exactly what we all needed in our lives. This is a headbanger anthem right here, folks!”