1985 Music hits its 20th release and the boss man Alix Perez takes control with a mind-bending EP. Featuring the kind of mental flex that the imprint and Alix has become known for, the Phantonym EP rides that groove between the headphones and dancefloor with inimitable finesse.

While all four cuts feature Alix in top form, it’s the seductive bass-driven hypnotism of the title cut that has us chomping at the bit and eager for more. Opening with a slow cinematic burn, as the gears start to turn on the inner workings of the track and the elements come drifting out of the darkness, a proper ragga-tinged vocal stab paves the way for the winding bottom end groove at the core. Expect nothing less than having the breath sucked straight out your lungs if you’re standing near the bassbin as the sub-atomic shivers meet their match with an ever-evolving crisp and crunchy top end.

Running things like the mad scientist that he is, the full power of this one is felt once all the elements come together and your mind, body, and soul get to work sifting through all the data that Alix has so expertly crafted.

It’s another stunning project from Alix Perez and 1985 Music and one that bodes well for the continued evolution of the imprint, the artist, and the genre. This one drops today so download / stream your copy of the full Phantonym EP here.