Annix ‘Work It Out’
Annix ‘Work It Out’

Konichi and Decimal Bass, the duo known as Annix, have clocked major studio time perfecting their latest EP, Work It Out. The fresh offering is comprised of two collaboration tracks and two solo tracks each, all combining different flavors of D&B. “Work It Out” features dark, dank and steppy beats, while equally devastating is “97 Track,” which smacks you in the face with wide pronounced synths and technical edits. Anticipate a satisfying mixture of forward-thinking dancefloor vibes and cerebral, trench-deep rollers for this fourth collaborative EP on Playaz.

Work It Out hits digital shops on June 29. Pre-order directly from Playaz here. For now, enjoy two freebies from Konichi via SoundCloud.


  1. Annix “Work It Out”
  2. Konichi “Too Late”
  3. Decimal Bass “England”
  4. Annix “97 Track”
  5. Decimal Bass “Battle Station” (VIP)
  6. Konichi “Those Days”