Armanni Reign: Five Things You Didn’t Know About Andy C
Armanni Reign: Five Things You Didn’t Know About Andy C

As Andy C prepares to touch down in Los Angeles tonight for a massive three-hour takeover of Exchange LA, we thought we’d check in with his right-hand man on this side of the Atlantic, the one and only Armanni Reign, for a glimpse into the secret life of Andy. We asked Armanni five burning questions that should get us all a little warm and fuzzy before yet another epic edition of Bassrush presents Funktion goes off tonight!

1. What’s one fact no one knows about Andy C?

That’s actually a difficult question nowadays, isn’t it? Well, anyone who has ever spoken with Andy can immediately recognize that he is a man of high intelligence. What you might not know is that Andy is also quite the historian! The man with the ability to mix three records at once while standing on a yoga ball scrambling the perfect egg also knows more about American History, especially politics, than about 95% of Americans. Crazy, right?

2, What’s the top old-school tune that Andy drops that always makes the crowd (and you) go wild?

There are a few but the answer is always “Messiah.” Isn’t that always the answer, though? I’m pretty sure that’s the answer to most questions. When my 7-year old daughter asks me for anything, I just say “Messiah” and keep it moving. I don’t think she finds it amusing but, I know what’s best for her at the moment and I would appreciate if you stopped judging my parental skills.

3. What’s Andy’s favorite meal?

“Messiah.” Joking, obviously. Most likely. Anyways, I can’t say I am aware of what his absolute favorite meal is. I do know that he tries to eat super healthy. As far as that one final walk-the-green-mile meal? I’m not sure. Now I feel like a terrible friend. He could easily answer you if you asked about me. I’m gonna ask him tonight and let you know.

4. What’s Andy’s beverage rider of choice?

We both have cut back from alcohol quite a bit, but, in general, vodka Red Bull. Otherwise water is how we get down! You feel me? Turn up.

5. “If Andy was my big brother…”

I am sure that after I’ve had a very long, confusing, and most likely uncomfortable conversation with my mother about how this is possible. I dunno. I think of him as a brother now so, if anything, making it official would make my bunk bed request less awkward. Sheesh.

Can’t wait to see you all at the show tonight! You know how the man gets down! Three hours of sikness, lets git it!