Artificial Intelligence Rewire the Synapses Once Again
Artificial Intelligence Rewire the Synapses Once Again Photo by Chelone Wolf

Every time Artificial Intelligence surface it’s something to shout about, and their latest EP on Metalheadz proves that they’ve still got that special touch to make you move on the dancefloor as well as elevate your soul to some higher plane. If it sounds like we’re being a bit mystical, it’s just because we’ve had their Shrine EP on heavy rotation lately and it’s been bringing on all sorts of crazy feels.

From the shamanistic incantation of Visionobi on “Stand Firm” on through to the ethereal atmospheres of bits like “Reunion” and “Shrine,” you’ll feel things opening up inside that you never knew were there. Coming off like a heady mix of breakbeat meditations and melancholy love-songs about what might have been, Artificial Intelligence are in top form as the entire EP not only takes you on an introspective journey but makes you want to shake it all out on the dancefloor.

As always, Artificial Intelligence offer up a little something for everyone so if you’re only here for the dark beats then head straight to “Ghost Racoon” (what a title!) for a gnarly, tech-stepping floor-killer sure that’s sure to sink its claws into you in all the right ways.

This one popped yesterday so snatch up the entire EP over at the Headz shop now!

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