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[Free Download] Bro Safari “Follow” (Zomboy Remix)

Zomboy gives Bro Safari’s “Follow” a murky remix and offers it up for free!


[Recap] EDC Las Vegas 2016: bassPOD Night One

Goddamn, it's good to be home.


Announcing: EDC Las Vegas 2016 bassPOD Lineup

The Bassrush crew unveils the full lineup for the bassPOD…and it is massive!


[RECAP] Reaching Outer Realms at Beyond’s Bassrush Experience

Day Two at Beyond Wonderland SoCal gets grimey when Team Bassrush sets up shop.


The Long-Awaited Bassrush Lineup for Beyond Wonderland is Here!

It’s yet another massive cast of characters as the Bassrush crew prepares for the Beyond SoCal takeover!


[Free Download] Bro Safari + Armanni Reign Live at EDC Orlando

Prepare to get your dome blown as Bro Safari and Armanni Reign rinse it out proper on this live mix from last weekend’s madness at EDC Orlando.


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[Recap] Bassrush Massive 2015

Bass lovers from all over SoCal traveled to take part in the largest Bassrush Massive event to date.


PK Sound Prepares to Drop Trinity on Bassrush Massive

If you missed PK Sound’s Trinity rig at EDCLV earlier this year, now is your chance to witness the strength of one of the most advanced sound system


[Free Download] Bro Safari and Boombox Cartel “Flip”

What happens when you toss Bro Safari and Boombox Cartel in the studio together? Straight up balls-to-the-wall insanity.