Hold tight all you interstellar psychonauts, AstroLizard has returned from the depths of the universe ready to drip some exquisite halftime bass on that terrestrial head.

Centered on a lurching playful beat, AstroLizard conjures up an exquisite bass-heavy blend of galactic funk on the aptly titled “Lizard Funk Symphony” courtesy of the original out-of-this-world imprint, Wakaan.

While the bottom end shivers and shakes in all the right places, the real electricity of the tune can be found in the oh-so-funky cybernetic horns sure to have you and the squad gazing up at the stars contemplating life on the outer rim of the universe. Pushing forward with an extended solo that rides the growling bottom end, AstroLizard flexes in a way that only a creature from outside time and space can do.

This eclectic heater is out now via the ever-essential Wakaan so strap on your spacesuit and prepare to dive deep into the world of “Lizard Funk Symphony” here.