Bassrush Records continue to dominate the interstellar airwaves as they lock in this exclusive cut from the untouchable ATLiens.

With the mysterious duo rinsing this one out at festivals and clubs all summer long, the aptly titled “Obsidian Vortex” lives up to its name with a foreboding otherworldly atmosphere dripping with cinematic fervor that only hints at the pain still to come.

Once that ragga-tinged vocal hook begins to reverberate around the inner skull of the tune prepare for the time-space continuum to split wide open as a worm-like electric eel comes creeping and crawling, eating its way through flesh and bone at the drop. The tune stays true to their interstellar dubstep roots as the alien-vibe at the core kicks and punches in all the right places before elevating to the next level at the second drop where the vocal comes back full-force and hammers it all home.

Don’t just take our word for it, check the heat below and prepare to have those ribs cracked and soul snatched as this bass-fueled heater hits the streets just in time for the weekend. “Obsidian Vortex” from the ATLiens is out now on Bassrush Records so lock yours in here!