The first of the two-volume Ghost Planet Remixes project is here from the ATLiens and it’s a jaw-dropping stunner. Featuring eleven remixes from the likes of Code: Pandorum, OG Nixon, Bro Safari & BINKS, Lektrique, Al Ross, Space Wizard, Jacknife, FrostTop, Bishu, Leotrix and Moore Kismet, the first salvo in the series sets the bar and has us already wondering what kind of heat is headed our way with the second volume due to drop next Friday.

Building off the otherworldly DNA that helped launch the ATLiens into the stratosphere, the remix project cuts a wide path through the underbelly of the bass world as each artist puts their own flip on the already electrifying bits like “Shelter,” “Fuck That” and “Closer.” From untethered head-twisters on through to slow-churning dives into the darkside, Ghost Planet Remixes Volume One has what you need.

Out today via Bassrush Records so download/stream here.