Following up on their stunning “Only in a Dream” collab, Au5 and Nytrix return to Monstercat with the hypnogogic “Always in a Nightmare” that proves their collaborative genius is no flash in the pan.

Centered on a cinematically inspired sweep of melody and trap- and electro-influenced grooves, the vocal-driven cut seems designed to conjure up a virtual reality-like space meant to envelop the listener in a multidimensional sensory-driven experience. Twisting and turning between the light and dark sides of bass, Nytrix’s vocals elevate the cut into an ethereal dream with the accompanying music video helping to fully realize the vision the artists were crafting in the studio.

“Working with Au5 is always an artistically expanding experience,” Nytrix says. “I feel like we both really aim to make a story through soundscape and lyric. In a way, when we made these songs, it was almost like working on a large painting. It was also fascinating to make Part 2 of a song. I have never done that before.”

“Upon hearing the acapella, I was immediately inspired to get to work.” Au5 continues. “The song kind of writes itself when I hear a vocal acapella that I strongly resonate with. Collaborating with Nytrix is always a blast. We tend to gravitate towards a similar sonic aesthetic, and we both have a strong artistic vision. I’m looking forward to seeing what our next big project beholds!”

Until that next project arrives (hopefully soon!), dive deep into the world of “Always in a Nightmare” and be sure to stream / download your own copy of this one here¬†as it drops worldwide today.