With a name that has become synonymous with some of the most hard-hitting releases in the drum and bass genre, the beast master known as Audio prepares to level up with his newly minted Snake Pit Records. Picking up where his legacy-establishing releases on Ram and Virus leave off, Audio sets his sights on the future with the heavyweight debut cut “Frog March.”

Bridging the gap between the old and new school, Audio smashes things up with a steamrolling groove and razor-sharp hook. An aggressive chest-thumper at the core, the tune hints at the intimidating flex that Audio is not only capable of but most likely going to explore in future releases. From the swirling atmospherics that conjure up hypnogogic dreamscapes inspired by cinematic soundscapes, Audio takes his time with an intro that steadily builds towards the off-kilter techno-influenced shiver of the tune proper. Unfolding like a hybrid creature that’s busted out of the lab and on the run, “Frog March” is a proper introduction to Snake Pit Records and all that Audio is no doubt about to drop on the masses in the coming year.

This one drops today so lock yours in here.