While all eyes are on the unholy crew that Reaper has gathered under one roof to remix his Disruptor LP, one name in particular stands out as one to watch in the coming year: Audioscribe.

First popping on our radar after his appearance on Space Yacht’s inaugural Critical Mass compilation that featured a wide-range of up-and-coming Stateside drum and bass artists, the Salt Lake City native returns to center stage with a melodic re-visioning of Reaper’s “XLR8”.

Resisting the urge to unleashing the beast on the already anabolic half-time head cracking original, Audioscribe’s take on ‘XLR8’ instead amplifies the emotional core of the original and dives even deeper into heartbreak territory.

As Audioscribe tells us:

“When I was approached about the remix album they gave me a few choices, but I knew pretty much instantly I wanted to flip ‘XLR8’.

I thought about keeping it a banger for a minute. Got all the stems loaded in and was playing around with a warehouse-y DnB drop – until I isolated the vocals and started jamming.

I found that it worked really well with moodier chords so I sent an early version over to REAPER and his team. I’ll admit I was a little nervous sending over a liquid remix of a halftime banger, but they were completely into it.

So I just ran with it after they gave me the greenlight. Started layering in all these atmospheric textures, subtle guitar plucking, and some simple vocal chops to carry it all into the drop. Ultimately, I ended up with a completely different vision of the song. One I hope everyone enjoys despite it being so different from the original.”

With Audioscribe’s remix on heavy repeat at Bassrush HQ, there’s no denying that this one stands on it own and is sure to continue to elevate Audioscribe in the coming year.

This one drops tomorrow alongside the rest of the Reaper: Disruptor LP Remixes on Bassrush Records so lock in your pre-save/downloads here.