Axel Boy Blasts Out a Black Label Masterpiece
Axel Boy Blasts Out a Black Label Masterpiece

The Bristol-based Axel Boy links up with the Never Say Die Records Black Label crew with his latest EP, Federalés! Although the up-and-coming producer and DJ has been hitting it hard all summer long in the United States, he made it back to the UK just in time to release some of his best work to date.

The ever-versatile 22-year-old producer continues to impress with his ability to master different genres while shunning the idea of limiting his own output to one sound. Even so, this EP is exactly what you’d expect from the dub-loving producer, as it’s rammed with some intense, weighty bass that’ll make you want to wobble.

“Pit Dub” kicks off the EP, coming in with a hot and heavy bass dungeon vibe that sets the tone for the rest of the EP. “Move Right In” does exactly what the track title suggests and hits with a more upbeat intro before the ruthless echo of bass synths pave the way for the breakdown.

Axel Boy is not one to pass up working with other producers in the scene, so it’s no surprise he chose to collaborate with L.A.-based up-and-comer 50 Carrot on the title track, “Federalés.” The signature sounds of both producers are heard through the entirety of the merciless track, creating a perfect mix of Los Angles filth and the dark, underground sounds of the UK.

Closing things out is the heavy “Battle Axe,” a tune sure to chop up the crowd with its wobbly bassline and high pitched synths. It’s a strong finish for this massacre of an EP that reveals just how hard Axel Boy has been grinding in the lab.

This won’t be the last you hear from Axel Boy, so make sure you cop this one here!