Hailing from Bristol, UK Axel Boy is no stranger to the world of bass music since having made his mark 7 years ago. Since he burst onto the scene, Axel Boy’s progressive approach to production has earned his spots on some of the most influential labels in the industry and most recently, Bite This! As he makes his debut on Bite This! with Ill Routine EP Axel Boy proves he’s at the top of his game.

The first track on the EP, “Shook Up”, immediately brings the heat with high energy and an addicting top line that flexes on Axel Boy’s motive to keep the party going as soon as it sinks it’s teeth into you. With a goal sample placed through out, “Shook Up” offer an old school vibe without compromising the floor shaking beats that are sure destroy any space it’s rinsed at. Next up, Axel Boy joins forces with table boss Jauz for “I Dare You” for a weapon of tune. Beginning with a classic rave beat, the tune quickly shift gears and ramps up into full force that’s set to cause absolute havoc with a crushing bass house vibe. Just when you through this one couldn’t throw any more surprises, the ladder part pays homage to both producers affinity to their bass roots.

Following suit, “Bad Faith” spares no time getting right to the nitty gritty with an impactful beat that immediately takes hold with perfectly matched vocals. With a bassline that certainly packs the punch, Axel Boy brings on the grimey beats that’ll leave you hungry for more. Closing out the project proper “Ill Routine” features Dread MC for an impactful bassline rings through with a house feel that builds a perfect foundation for total destruction.

Ill Routine EP is out now on Bite This! Grab your copy here.