Bachelors of Science Double Down on the Summertime Vibes
Bachelors of Science Double Down on the Summertime Vibes

The San Francisco-based trio known as Bachelors of Sciencehit us with a double-dose of summertime vibes this weekend. Known for their mastery of the liquid side of the drum and bass dancefloor, the crew are not only dropping a heavyweight 40-track mix with Emcee Child keeping things moving on the vocal tip, but are also hitting us with the long awaited “Roll Back” bootleg that they’ve been using to stir up the feels on the dancefloor with.

Trainspotting fans may have heard this one dropped by Rene LaVice on BBC Radio 1 in addition to it being a favorite on the San Francisco dancefloor. As Luke tells us, “The original by George Fitzgerald and Lil Silva is just a hands-down terrific tune. When we first heard it, it was clear how much care and vibes they put into the original. Having felt so connected to it we were compelled to bring it in a new direction, and deliver something we could play out at gigs. We knew that both people who connected with the original and those who didn’t would feel this one. Nothing but much respect to George and TJ…please keep collaborating and making great music.”

In the same vein as the bootleg, the BOS crew went all-in on crafting a proper poolside to dancefloor mix that was inspired by an all-BOS session they played at a hometown gig. “It was just amazing to dig through our catalog and see the crowd respond to all the tunes that we’ve created over the years,” Luke continues. “So with this mix, we wanted to recreate some of that vibe. We wanted to dig deep and bring some super upfront dubs that will be coming out but also felt like this was a chance to showcase some lesser known gems and staples that have been big in our sets. Gotta give a HUGE shout-out to all the remixers, vocalists, labels, and collaborators that have worked with us over the years. It’s been a journey, and here’s to the next episode.”

For more of that fresh Bachelors of Science sound, treat your mind, body and soul to the mix below while keeping an eye on their Code Recordings imprint for future releases and mix projects.

BOS Mixtape Volume One Tracklist:

  1. George Fitzgerald & Lil Silva “Roll Back” (Bachelors Of Science Bootleg) [MpFREE]
  2. Bachelors Of Science ft. MC Soultrain “Brighter Days” [Dub]
  3. Bachelors Of Science ft. Marianna Ray “Far Away” [Dub]
  4. Bachelors Of Science “Satisfy” (BCee & Villem Remix) [CODE Recordings]
  5. Bachelors Of Science ft. Soultrain Locomotive “Everywhere We Go” (Jamal Remix) [CODE Recordings]
  6. Bachelors Of Science “Control” (The Insiders Remix) [CODE Recordings]
  7. BCee & Villem ft. Frank H Carter III “I Believe” (Bachelors Of Science Remix) [Spearhead Records]
  8. Bachelors Of Science “Jah No Dead” (Atlantic Connections Remix) [CODE Recordings]
  9. Souls “I Wait For You” (Bachelors Of Science Bootleg) [MpFREE]
  10. Bachelors Of Science and Brooklyn “Wicked Ways” [CODE Recordings]
  11. EZ Rollers “Bikini Beach” (Bachelors Of Science Remix) [Dub]
  12. Bachelors Of Science ft. Dylan Germick “Don’t Hold Back” (Flaco Remix) [CODE Recordings]
  13. Bachelors Of Science & Kuru ft. Maria Remos “What We Need” [CODE Recordings]
  14. Bachelors Of Science, Ben Soundscape feat. Collette Warren – Love Lost [CODE Recordings]
  15. Bachelors Of Science& Aphonic – Make It Go [CODE Recordings]
  16. Bachelors Of Science ft. Dylan Germick and Audio Angel “Before You Go” (Nymfo Remix) [CODE Recordings]
  17. Bachelors Of Science & Smote ft. Maria Remos “Morning Sun” [CODE Recordings]
  18. Bachelors Of Science “Ice Dance” (Lenzman Remix) [CODE Recordings]
  19. Bachelors Of Science “Cello Suite” + Bachelors Of Science “Sweat” [CODE Recordings]
  20. Bachelors Of Science “Song For Lovers” [CODE Recordings]
  21. Bachelors Of Science ft. Erica London “Can’t Let Go” [CODE Recordings]
  22. Bachelors Of Science ft. Emcee Child “Backfoot Dub” [CODE Recordings]
  23. Bachelors Of Science ft. Emcee Child “Backfoot Dub” (Bladerunner Remix) [CODE Recordings]
  24. Gappy Ranks “Carpenter” (Kush Arora & Bachelors Of Science Remix)
  25. Justin Martin “Ghettos And Gardens” (Bachelors Of Science Remix) [Dirtybird]
  26. Bachelors Of Science “Lights Down Low” [Dub]
  27. Bachelors Of Science “The Space Between” (Method One Remix) [CODE Recordings]
  28. Bachelors Of Science “The Beautiful Life” [Horizons Music]
  29. Bachelors Of Science “Kanto” (Quadrant Remix) [CODE Recordings]
  30. Chris Lie “Struck That Match” (Bachelors Of Science ‘Let It Burn’ Remix) [Dub]
  31. Bachelors Of Science, Ben Soundscape ft. Collette Warren “On The Line” (Random Movement Remix) [CODE Recordings]
  32. Bachelors Of Science “Beats Still Own The Rhythm” (Pola and Bryson Remix) [Liquicity]
  33. Bachelors Of Science, Ben Soundscape ft. Kemo “Ainokea” VIP [Dub]
  34. Worthy ft. Audio Angel “The Words” (Bachelors Of Science Remix)
  35. Bachelors Of Science ft. Emcee Child “Beast” [CODE Recordings]
  36. Bachelors Of Science “Warehouse Dayz” [CODE Recordings]
  37. Bachelors Of Science “Strings Track” (Apex Remix) [Horizons Music]
  38. Disclosure “Second Chance” (Bachelors Of Science Bootleg) [MpFREE]
  39. Bachelors Of Science “Cartier” (Jaybee and Dave Owen Remix) [CODE Recordings]
  40. Tali “Berlin” (Bachelors Of Science Remix) [Dub]