BadKlaat Prepares to Annihilate the bassPOD at EDC Las Vegas
BadKlaat Prepares to Annihilate the bassPOD at EDC Las Vegas Photo by EMP Media

BadKlaat has no doubt earned a medal of honor for creating some of the wonkiest jams, which unbeknownst to him help define a movement that forever changed the game. His production wizardry birthed tracks like “Frek Skank” and “Head Top,” which saw release on one of the first labels of its kind, BassClash Records. With his continued efforts, BadKlaat (real name Adam James) eventually caught the ear of SKisM and made a home for himself with the Black Label branch of Never Say Die. Fast-forward to 2019, we’ve witnessed the destruction of eardrums by way of his collaboration with fellow NSD artist Komany on the heavy “Purge.”

Since EDC Las Vegas is right around the corner, Bassrush connected with the Gloucester UK-based dubstep artist for quick chat. Be sure to experience BadKlaat’s undeniable style and swagged-out set Under the Electric Sky, as he’s sure to batter the bassPOD.

You are no stranger to the touring life. After hitting so many cities on Zomboy’s Rott N’ Roll tour, we have to ask, what keeps you coming back to America?
I’m hooked. The vibe out here is by far my favorite and I will continue to keep coming back for as long as people want me to.

We don’t see the gigs drying up anytime soon. Your track, “Purge,” with Kompany, is sick and seems to be going down well! When did you two first link up?
Kyle [Kompany] and I linked up shortly after the first EP on NSD. I was blown away by the production and hit him up right away.

Do you have any more collabs with him in the works?
I can’t say too much but yes, expect more collaborations soon.

We know you like to play a wide spectrum of tunes. Who are you feeling in drum and bass right now?
I’ve been really into Annix for a while now.

They [Annix] are on top of the sound design game. Speaking of that, if you could have your own softsynth or plugin designed, what would you invent?
I’d make a sampler that could record any sound you imagine in your mind.

Your sets are known to be chaos inducing. Have you witnessed anyone actually get injured while headbanging at one of your shows?
Never in the moment while DJing, but I have been sent a few of pictures of injuries after shows! A girl recently busted her front teeth through her lip on the rail. Shout out to her! [Laughs]. Be careful, people!

That’s crazy, poor girl! Would you ever dare go into the Bassrush pit yourself?
I’m definitely no stranger to the pit so who knows!? [Laughs]

Aside from the bassPOD, do you have any plans to check out any of the other stages at EDC?
For sure, this will be my first EDC Vegas so I plan to make the most of it!