Bailey’s Top 5 Classic Drum & Bass Cuts
Bailey’s Top 5 Classic Drum & Bass Cuts

With his pedigree securely embedded in drum & bass history, Bailey is one of those DJs that needs no introduction. Having been recruited by Goldie during the mid-‘90s as resident at the now legendary Metalheadz Sessions, Bailey’s role as a tastemaker led him to a celebrated, decade-long position as an influential radio host for BBC Radio 1Xtra, while his Intabeats brand lives on to this day through his Soul In Motion club night, world tours, and a Serato endorsement.

Building on his reputation for breaking both new artists and new anthems, Bailey takes a look back and shares his top five classic drum bass picks.

It’s good to remind people that D&B has its sexy side too.

Alex Reece “Pulp Fiction” (Metalheadz, 1995)
Believe it or not I didn’t like this tune when it first came out. Later I realized how unique its simplicity and smoothness was. It’s the perfect track to break the monotony of a night of ear-bashing beats.

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Dillinja “I Wanna Know” (FFRR, 2000)
Everything I like about jungle and drum & bass is in this track, from the vocal, melody, stabs, bassline, drum pattern, and amen break. I love it. The second drop is deadly on a big sound system.

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Capone “Friday” (Hardleaders, 1998)
This one is more of a DJ tool than a track to listen to at home. It has a jungly feel to the bassline with a simple drumbeat which is what makes it fit well into sets years later. It’s simple, effective and still able to cut though in this era of loudness wars.

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Shy FX “Plastic Soul” (Bingo Beats, 2005)
I use this one is my wild card sometimes when I’m DJing. It resets things back to musicality that can get overlooked during a night of hyper beats. It’s good to remind people that D&B has its sexy side too.

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Noisia “Block Control” (VIP)
If I want to out and out destroy people, I pull this one out. No description needed other than IT KILLS!