Suffering from those midsummer blues? Stuck in your little office cubicle wishing it was the weekend already? Well, Disciple has just what you need: a free download from none other than Barely Alive in the form of “Odyssey,” the lead single from his album of the same name.

From the chill synth-wave vibes of the intro on through to the tooth-rattling drop, this retro-dipped dancefloor thriller pulls no punches as Barely Alive flips the script throughout with a hair-raising ride that lives up to its name. Unfolding like a cinematic journey through the heart of the anabolic dreamscape that Barely Alive calls home, the single teases the long-awaited release of the full album project on the way.

The full album drops on August 13 so while you’re waiting lock in your own free copy of the title cut here.