Bare’s Dark Realm Playlist
Bare’s Dark Realm Playlist

The Los Angeles-based producer known as Bare has been making moves in bass music for just about a decade with an ever-evolving raw talent that’s helped shape the genre to what it is today. Spending most of his time playing shows and locking down in the studio, Bare presents his best work to date in the form of his Asylum EP for SMOG Records—and it’s well worth the wait. Featuring collaborations with none other than Armanni Reign, Messinian and Dubscribe, the OGs bring the heat in true underground form.

In addition to today’s release of Asylum—lock in your copy here—Bare has blessed us with an exclusively curated playlist to rock out to this weekend! Get some insight on some his favorite bits from the playlist below.

Terravita & Bare “The Krok”
“One of my favorite tunes I had a hand in last year. I was really starting to find my feel for bass music again with this one. Always a great time in the lab with the Terravita boys. It felt like this one wrote itself in two sessions. The song name and idea came from a crazy experience we all had together on the road back in Boston last year. I still play this one every set and will continue to for a long, long time. Looking forward to making more music with these guys later this year!”

Bare “Finger Trap”
“Throwing it back to my first release on SMOG. This tune was super fun writing and really shows the trap vibe I was chasing after back then. I feel as an artist it’s always good to look back on past work and try to get a vibe off of whatever was going on that helped create the tune. I remember branching out from dubstep on this one and not being afraid to try new styles and genres. This was really the beginning right here. It’s a solid tune that still slams hard till this day.”

Space Laces “Cruise Control”
“Love this jam—keeps it hood and heavy! The sound design in this one is insane. It’s not all about just crazy sounds, either. The song takes you on a journey from start to finish and rips the system up live. Cheers to Space Laces on this one!”

Dieselboy + Bare + Mark the Beast feat. Armanni Reign “Demolition”
“So many dope names on this one. This tune definitely delivers from start to finish. I remember talking with Dielesboy after having a long hiatus from writing bass music about getting back on it and doing a new one together. We got Mark to do some dope guitar work on this one and the whole tune started to come together really nice over a few months with a whole lot of detailing and all that. I’m glad we were able to get Manni on it as well! After hitting this one I went right back at him to get him on ‘Sacrifice’ on my new EP. Look for more stuff from me and all these guys this year for sure!”

Future “March Madness”
“Because you’ve got to have classic biz, right? I listen to hip-hop as much as I write and listen to bass music, if not more. I mix tons of it into my sets, whether it’s edits, the full tune, etc. This is still hands down my fav joint from Future. If this doesn’t get you up and ready to party then I don’t know what will.”