bassPOD #QuestionOfTheDay: EDCLV Day Three
bassPOD #QuestionOfTheDay: EDCLV Day Three

We risked our lives by diving headfirst into the heaving mass that was the bassPOD crowd last night to ask the following question: Describe this year’s bassPOD stage in one word? [Ed. note: almost no one followed directions and stuck to one word.]

Jose from Upland: “Unbelievable!”

Troy from Vancouver: “Fffucckkkk.”

Lexi from Orange County: “Amazing!”

Doug from San Diego: “Dude!”

Carlos from Englewood: “Bassrush definitely knows what’s up!”

Mike from Tempe: “I can’t do it, man. One word isn’t enough!”

Naone from Hilo: “Pau! So good!”

Sarah from Northridge: [screams, jumps, and claps her hands]

Alejandro from East Los Angeles: “This shit is insane, bro! Got me all like [makes strange noises…]”

Claire from Texas: “If you’re not here you’re missing out!”

Tony from [the planet] Mars: “There is no word in English for how this makes me feel, but if I had to try I would call it: Weeekelee-boom!