bassPOD #QuestionOfTheDay: EDCLV Day Two
bassPOD #QuestionOfTheDay: EDCLV Day Two

Day Two at EDC Las Vegas is in the books, but we’re keeping the interviews coming just for you. We went backstage at the bassPOD last night and asked a variety of bass music DJs (and one MC): What’s your pre-game ritual?

12th Planet
“I usually play Clash of the Clans to get my head straight before I have to go play a show because it makes me think in terms of being a General and fucking telling the troops to go certain places and all that shit.”

“I usually take a nap. If I can get an hour in I’m good [but] I’ll take 15 minutes. I like to lay down before my set, I’m getting old. If The Golden Girls are on, I’ll watch that as well.”

Armanni Reign
“I like to get there, have a drink [and] let it all soak in; perhaps walk around, see the sights, see the people. I like to show up early and hear what tunes are playing, see what the vibe is going on. I do a little stretch beforehand, say a prayer and have at it.”

“I actually get scared and I just think of what I have to do. I listen to some Buddhist meditation stuff most of the time before I go out and play. I’ve recently taken on a lot of peace, kindness and compassion in my life, and it’s really helped me get myself into the right mind frame to just love the people, you know what I mean? When you bring love to the party, you get it straight back, just like anything in life. That’s the key to everything really.

Consouls (Bassrush Discovery Project Winners)
: “Honestly we just lock ourselves in our room and turn off our phones.”
: “It’s one of those things when you isolate yourself and you turn off technology; it makes sure that you give whatever you are working on your full attention. That’s when the heart goes into it.”

Cookie Monsta
“Literally I just kind of think to do well and think positive vibes, that’s it. There’s no warmup, there’s no stretchers, there’s no talks to myself in the mirror, there’s no reflection; it’s just like, have a good time, have a great time, try and do the best show and have some fun.”

DeafMind (Bassrush Discovery Project Winners)
: “He does a lot of stretching.”
: “I get really chill right before a set, I just stand there.”
: “I start to stress 30 minutes before. Then when it’s five minutes before and I’m plugging in the flash drive [Austin] is like ‘Okay, let’s do this shit.’”
: “He gets really chatty right before a set. It’s funny because he starts asking me the most random questions about random shit and I’m like, ‘You’re getting nervous, aren’t you?’ And he’s like, ‘Yeah.’”

: “We just came here to party. Drink. Smoke. Get it done.”