bassPOD, Remembered: Favorite Headliner Moments
bassPOD, Remembered: Favorite Headliner Moments

This is it, ya’ll. 2017 will be the last time you see the fire-breathing robots in action at the bassPOD at EDCLV. As we prepare to retire the iconic stage to the Insomniac warehouse and turn the page on a new iteration of the bassPOD, we take a moment to remember a few of its most epic moments at EDC Las Vegas. Below, in your own words, are some of your favorite memories of this iconic stage, from sunrise b2b sets and massive flame towers to making new friends on the rails. Don’t worry, bassheads. We’ll have a new bassPOD stage ready to blow your mind in 2018.

Victoria W.
My favourite #bassPODmemory would have to be the Pegboard Nerds sunrise set on the first night of EDCLV 2014. Seeing Pegboard Nerds for the first time while head-banging with my three best friends while the sun rose over the bassPOD is something I’ll never forget. EDCLV 2014 was my first EDC, so it will always have a special place in my heart. Every year I look forward to spending my night dancing at the bassPOD with my best friends until sunrise.

Lucas B.
My favorite memory is from Zomboy’s set at EDCLV 2016. It was during the fireworks and I was with my best friends. Definitely one of the best sets of the weekend.

Jesse C.
My favorite moment had to be at EDC 2016 during the Doctor P b2b Cookie Monsta b2b Funtcase set. I was head-banging in a group of people and I accidentally hit this guy in the head with my Insomniac water bottle. When he looked up, he was gushing blood. We became best friends right after that.

Chris S.
My name is Chris Shepherd and my favorite memory at bassPOD was at EDC 2015 during Datsik when the fireworks display was set off right behind him. It was so amazing! I remember him actually getting off the decks and turning around to see the fireworks for himself. It was such surreal moment in time. I’m lucky to have been there and captured the whole thing on video so I can relive that moment for the rest of my life.

bassPOD, Remembered: Favorite Headliner Moments
bassPOD, Remembered: Favorite Headliner Moments

Matt H.
My best memory was most likely leaving the almighty bassPOD after Day 2 during the final minutes of the Eptic b2b MUST DIE! set. I wasn’t proud to be leaving one of my top three sets early, but after getting into bed at 8:30am after Day 1 we decided to beat the crowd to the buses this time.

After multiple failed attempts at leaving, mostly brought on by classic dancefloor destroyers such as “Gem Shards,” “Jurassic,” and “The End”—the original will always have my heart over the Breaux VIP, I don’t care what anyone says—we finally decided to head home with a few minutes left, disappointed and confused we didn’t hear our #1 Eptic track “Hostile” (Eptic Remix). As we’re almost outside we hear “MFU” revving up, one of my all time favorites by the Stache Supreme. I give my best friend Adam a glance and we both knew we couldn’t walk any further; that 150bpm 4/4 fire could not be denied. We turned around and let out a “MIDDLE FINGERS UP!” and were rewarded with “Hostile” (Eptic Remix). I let out a neon, laser-infused rave battle cry that the Massive & Serum gods up in bass heaven heard without a doubt. Couldn’t have asked for more with my first bassPOD experience. Also to add, I had a false tooth fall out during LOUDPVCK. That PK Trinity system is not to be trifled with. Thanks for the memories!

I was angry-clawing and machine gun fingering so hard that I'm pretty sure I had an out of body experience.

Adam B.
My favorite bassPOD memory was during the sunrise b2b with Eptic and MUST DIE! My best friend and I were loving the massive tunes and the epic sunrise vibe during the set. As we’re getting closer and closer to the [end], me and my friend both agree there was something missing—Eptic has not played his “Hostile” remix yet, and that is our favorite song of his. We decided to cut our losses and head for the busses 10 minutes before the show ended to beat the crowd.

As we were leaving, the bass gods decide to make our weekend even that much better. We were slowly making our way out of the crowd when we heard “MFU” mixed in. Like any basshead would do, we turned our group around for one last song. I pulled out my phone because the sun was just starting to come up and it was a good time for a video. The build of that song gets me every time. Nothing gets me more hyped than putting my middle finder up and yelling “MIDDLE FINGERS UP!”

Eptic surprise drops “Hostile” and both me and Harlow lose our shit. He let out a rave cry out of sheer excitement that could be heard over the blistering PK Sound Trinity speakers. After that, neither of us could have been happier with the performance. The next morning I tweeted the video at Eptic and we all got a good laugh out of it. He even retweeted it, which was kinda cool.

Also, I wanna see more of the 150-foot flame that shoots up behind the stage. That shit is so epic…or should I say Eptic.

bassPOD, Remembered: Favorite Headliner Moments
bassPOD, Remembered: Favorite Headliner Moments

Benjamin H.
Somehow I got up to the rail during Zomboy and Pendulum and got on the livestream! That was awesome, and the energy was so incredible and unlike anything else I’ve experienced. That enormous flame was incredible to say the least. It was awesome to head-bang with everyone up front as well. It was my first time at EDC and I’ll never forget it. Truly magical.

Kasey G.
My favorite memory from the bassPOD was EDC 2016 when the speaker caught fire right after Excision. Excision is life!

Enrique G.
Caspa b2b Rusko followed by Excision—just wow!

Saul A.
My name is Saul and I’m from Guatemala, now living in Los Angeles. In 2016 I attended my first EDC Las Vegas, looking for all my favorite dubstep and D&B artists. What an experience; it was a new world for me. I’m only 19 and I’ve always wished to see a Rusko show, and what better than him and Caspa at the bassPOD at EDC Las Vegas. My dream was fulfilled, the OG dubstep pioneers in front of me with that PK Sound melting my face. It was the best weekend of my life!

bassPOD, Remembered: Favorite Headliner Moments
bassPOD, Remembered: Favorite Headliner Moments

Ariana D.
One of my favorite memories from the bassPOD this past year at EDCLV would have to be going absolutely nuts and womping out to one of the best sets I’ve ever heard: 12th Planet b2b Lumberjvck b2b Protohype.

Kevin M.
My favorite memory from the bassPOD is when NGHTMRE brought out his dad, “Papa NGHTMRE,” at midnight on Father’s Day to drop a song.

Christian F.
My all-time favorite bassPOD memory would have to be from last year’s EDC. Caspa and Rusko brought be back to 2009/2010 when I first heard dubstep. Their UK dubstep sound is incredible and will always have a special place in my heart. My friends and I went nuts during their set.

Alissa V.
Last year’s EDCLV was the first year I’d ever ventured over to bassPOD. The ravefam that originally introduced me to the EDM scene, and brought me to my first EDC in 2014, were all trance lovers. That first night I decided to go off on my own to explore, so I said goodbye to my trance fam and took off with my Hakuna Matata/Simba totem. I ended up meeting a really cool guy named Jake and his group of friends that were all bassheads. We hit it off right away, and when I told them I’d never really listened to any kind of dubstep before, they immediately dragged me over to bassPOD. I ended up hanging out with Jake and his group each night and seeing some amazing sets and DJs I never would have discovered on my own. My favorite bassPOD memory came from the very last night of EDCLV 2016. By this time I was completely hooked on dubstep. I had become the group’s little basshead protégé and was loving every minute of it. The most memorable set that solidified my love for dubstep was getting my face melted off at Zomboy’s set as he played “Like a Bitch” while I was in a headbanging circle with my new friends as the fireworks were going off. It was an amazing moment for me, and one I’ll never forget. Since then I’ve been to multiple festivals with Jake and his group, which now numbers over 24 of us from all over the US and Switzerland!

I was head-banging and I accidentally hit this guy in the head with my Insomniac water bottle. When he looked up, he was gushing blood. We became best friends right after that.

Jake C.
My favorite bassPOD memory had to be this past year at EDC20. I went with a pretty big group of people but they were all about trance and the main stage stuff. Not me! I was planning on throwing in the some earplugs, turning my hat backwards, and head-bang my nights away at the bassPOD. I had been to EDC in 2012 and I was just so amazed and knew that I had to see everything. So this time, being a sub soldier veteran, I knew that the bassPOD was where I belonged. Every night was stacked, but there was one night in particular that I know I had to be right up front on the rail to feel the ground shake from all the bass, and that was the night the Circus crew was on. I had caught the tail end of Funtcase’s set at EDC 2012 and was immediately hooked on that guy’s stage presence and gnarly, aggressive, stomach-wrenching bass. So when I saw he was going b2b with Cookie Monsta and Doctor P, whom I’d never seen, I knew it was gonna be life changing. That three-way tag team was right after Zomboy and obviously wasn’t going to miss him. But wait, there’s some backstory…

Funtcase is my favorite [artist], and he inspired me to become a DJ and start dabbling in music production. So when he teamed up with 2FukdUp and made some merch, I had to have it. At the time he only released long sleeves, which is fine to wear around to class and the mall. Luckily, right before EDC, he decided to make tank tops, so I was like, “Hell yeah, I’ll wear that to EDC! It’ll be a lot cooler and I can still rep his merch.” Unfortunately it didn’t make it to me fast enough, so I was really debating wearing a long-sleeved shirt to Las Vegas in June. So I compromised; I wore a tank top all night with the long sleeve tied around my waist and I’d put it in for Funtcase’s set, rage, then take it off so it didn’t get to hot. So back to the story…

I changed into my long sleeve Funtcase shirt and of course you start noticing the other people with the same shirts as you, supporting their favorite artists. I saw this really pretty girl in a FuntCase tank top so I started a conversation. “I like your tank!” and she responds “Thanks, do you know him?” in a thick British accent. I said, “No, I’m just a really huge fan,” and she said, “He’s my boyfriend, but you Americans have silly rules and something about fire codes so I couldn’t go back there with him.” At that moment half of me thought, “Oh okay, you’re Funtcase’s girlfriend. I bet every VIP chick says to make themselves look cool.” The other half was like, “FuntCase is British, and why would she lie about something like that?” So I decided to ask for a picture, then she headed more towards to middle of the crowd for a better view. After that interaction the whole Circus crew came out and I just got chills. I was to the right of the stage and had a nice spot on the rail so I had a pretty good view of them. When Funtcase dropped he and Virtual Riot’s “Borg” I was head-banging, angry-clawing and machine gun fingering so hard that I’m pretty sure I had an out of body experience.

bassPOD, Remembered: Favorite Headliner Moments
bassPOD, Remembered: Favorite Headliner Moments