Bassrush Bowl 2016: Armanni Reign vs. MC Dino
Bassrush Bowl 2016: Armanni Reign vs. MC Dino

As the Denver Broncos and Carolina Panthers prepare to square off in Super Bowl 50, Armanni Reign and MC Dino go toe-to-toe, soundclash-style, representing their favorite teams for the first annual Bassrush Bowl. The rules are simple: Each MC picks the hottest tune they can think of in a specific genre for each quarter of the game and you, the fans, can weigh in and decide who had the hottest quarter-by-quarter selection in the end. With Dino representing the Denver Broncos and Armanni Reign holding it down for the Carolina Panthers, prepare for the ultimate battle for bassbin supremacy.


MC Armanni Reign: Whuddup tho! As a DIEHARD football fan, first and foremost, it needs to be stated that #iBleedGreen through and through! #BirdGang #IgglesTilDeath So, while I respect the Denver Broncos and love many friends from that city known more now than ever as Mile High, you can’t bet against the Carolina Panthers in Super Bowl 50! Cam Newton is all hybrid life and Peyton has a ring already so let the new blood get theirs! So let’s git down to the gritty: I got four bangers for each quarter to get ya mind right when you break from that huddle around the buffet at your Super Bowl party. Try not to tackle an innocent bystander… not without it on video. #TurnUp #SHEESH May the best team win. Panthers. Cam Newton MVP. Dabbin’ on ‘em.

MC Dino: FOOOOOOTBALLLLLL! Yes, that time of year is upon us and I’m very glad to see that my Broncos are in it to win it. I grew up in Colorado so I’ve had lots of love for the Broncos for years. With that said, I totally understand if you’re into losing; you can go ahead and root for Newton and the Panthers. But for all my winners out there, there’s only one team to choose: the Denver Broncos! I know my Colorado peeps already have their super bowls packed and ready to go so let’s do thissss! #junglepunk #Broncos #Broncos2016



MC Dino: Mefjus “Suicide Bassline VIP”
I picked this song because starting up the game, nothing will get you pumped up like this one can. As the song says, you must be wanting to commit career suicide to come against the Broncos!

Armanni Reign: Loadstar “Switch”
What do I want to hear coming out of the tunnel? No brainer. If you haven’t heard this yet, I don’t know what you’re doing with yaself. Dear Lord I wanted to put on pads in the club! “Somebody hit somebody!” (Bill Burr voice)




MC Dino: Dodge & Fuski “Spoons”
I chose this song because it starts out all nice then kicks you in the face, just like how this quarter is gonna be for the Panthers. Broncos will start nice and easy and then slam them to the ground.

Armanni Reign: Barely Alive ft. Armanni Reign “Hackers”
Second quarter and we stick to the game plan! This tune gets me hyped, amiright? I mean, I really like it! Can’t put my finger on why but you agree, don’t you? Yeah, I know you do.




MC Dino: Kicks N Licks ft. Malcolm Anthony “Lock”
This group is one of my favorites right now, and by this time I’m pretty sure my Broncos will have this whole thing locked down. But if you don’t believe, just listen to this and you’ll be ready. ‘Nuff said.

Armanni Reign: Mayhem x Antiserum ft. MACTurnUp “Breaking In”
Alright. Good teams make halftime adjustments so we need to let them know the days of easing up are done. We learned that lesson. Fight back, squad! Fight back!




MC Dino: UK Apache & Shy Fx “Original Nuttah”
For awhile right before I would go MC I would listen to this song to get me pumped up. It’s a true classic and an anthem for anyone who just needs to go kick some ass. This is my final quarter song to get my Broncos pumped. BAD BOYS live in Denver. Get ‘em, my brothas. GO BRONCOS!

Armanni Reign: M.O.P. “Ante Up”
See that trophy? This is it. Channel your inner Brian Dawkins and leave it all out there! Dig deep to what got you here! All in or nothing! Every chip on the table! 4TH QUARTER! LAST HAND! ANTE UP! NATIONWIDE IS NOT ON YOUR SIDE! DOMINOS OVER PAPA JOHNS! GOD, I HATE ELI MANNING!