From the low-slung hip-hop tinged swagger of Esseks to the unhinged insanity that ECRAZE brings to the proceedings, expect The Prophecy EP from Bassrush Records to kick the doors off the hinges of your mind with each and every track the 11-track EP offers up.

Featuring exquisite appearances from the likes of EAZYBAKED, Cromatik, Mystic Grizzly, Secret Recipe, UFO Project, Shanghai Doom, FRQ NCY, Chef Boyarbeatz, Noizon, sfam, G-Space and Abelation, you already know this one’s designed to raise your vibration to the outermost regions of consciousness that the mind will allow. Of course, it’s not all headspace mysticism as each and every cut is crafted to rattle them bones with unholy basslines and shivering hooks.

This one popped today so test your limits by steaming or downloading here.