Bear Grillz Sizzles on
Bear Grillz Sizzles on 'Mo Honey, Mo Problems'

Bear Grillz emerges from his winter slumber—spent touring alongside Excision on the Paradox tour—just in time to put the slap down on the dancefloor with his Mo Honey, Mo Problems four-tracker that already has us itching to gather up the squad and mob to the front row of the next massive.

Bear Grillz kick-starts the proceedings with the cheeky but oh-so-effective “Fuck Bitches, Get Honey” which puts some proper sizzle into the cut before “Every Day” twists it up even further with a growling bottom end thick enough to keep the neck-snapping crew heaving towards the speakers.

If you’re just here to rage, head straight to “Going Down (Under)” as Bear Grillz opens with a nod to the Aussie party crew before launching a series of frenetic hardstyle and dubstep switch-backs that ride beneath a vocal hook not fit to print but sure to have you grinning ear to ear.

“Back on Top” is where the real juice is, as the trance-inducing intro merges street vibes with festival fever in an exciting and surprising way. Taking his time with the layers and building up the call and response between the elements, once this one reaches the breaking point, the release into the drop is electrifying and sure to hurt as much as it heals.

This one drops today on Firepower Records so lock yours in here!