Behind the Scenes with SAYMYNAME
Behind the Scenes with SAYMYNAME Photo by BRXVN

Fresh off his set at Bassrush Massive this weekend, the self-proclaimed godfather of hard trap known as SAYMYNAME has proved to be one of the highlights of what is already going down as one of the most epic weekends of the year! Having coined the genre of hard trap as his very own, SAYMYNAME is certainly a force to be reckoned with both on the stage and in the studio. From humble beginnings in Los Angeles, SAYMYNAME continues to contribute to the ongoing evolution of the scene with his own unique touch to the sound that fans can’t help but keep coming back for more of.

To relive the weekend and to get a glimpse of the future, we decided to catch up the man himself for an in depth look behind the scenes including how he got his start, what’s in the works for him, and where he’s headed from here.

How’s life treating you?
Life is great! I’m back on the road touring this week [and] excited for the upcoming releases and shows. I’m finally back in the gym and eating better. I feel great!

Your set at EDC Las Vegas was wild! The masses certainly pulled through for you!
Playing the bassPOD at EDC Las Vegas was a dream come true! It was an insane feeling seeing the crowd hit capacity with so many fans that showed up for my set. I am thankful to have my friends out as special guests, Slander, 4b, Gravedgr and Kevin Flum. Coming from the Discovery Project in 2013 to playing a headlining slot at the bassPOD is amazing. I feel blessed to have a team to help make that weekend possible.

How do you usually prep for sets?
Before a set, I like to relax my mind, eat a good dinner, and make sure I’m hydrated. I go over my set list, add or change songs, and I’m ready for the show. I usually find a quiet space alone to get ready mentally.

You’ve been zooming around playing shows nonstop. Tell what it’s it like being constantly on the road?
It’s been an incredible experience! I’ve gotten a chance to visit cities all around the world and experience different cultures. Meeting fans in every city is one of the highlights of traveling, because they make all of this possible for me.

How did you initially get involved with production?
I started making hip-hop beats on Garage Band [software] my freshman year of high school. I thought it’d be cool to make beats for rap artists. I got into EDM in 2009, and that’s the moment when I realized I wanted to produce dance records and tour for a living.

When did you realize you wanted to pursue production specifically as a career?
It was also my freshman year of high school. I wanted to be a Grammy award-winning hip-hop producer like Pharrell. Dr. Dre was a big influence at the time.

Tell us the story about how you came up with your name?
Honestly, it was super random. I kept asking myself, “What’s my name going to be.” I want people to say my name and remember it. Right then, SAYMYNAME just stood out to me.

Did you ever go by different names before coming to SAYMYNAME?
Yes, I produced under DJ Arcade. I produced mainly progressive, big room, and electro house under that name.

Did you play any instruments as a kid that helped shape your interest and direction in music?
I played the trombone and violin.

It seems like hard trap and SAYMYNAME go hand in hand. How did you come to coin the term?
In 2012 I released my HARDTRAP flip of Showtek’s “FTS” and I really wanted to push this new sound of hardstyle mixed with trap into the scene. I’ve pioneered it from the start and it’s still growing, while getting mad support from artist like DJ Snake, David Guetta, Tiësto, The Chainsmokers, Afrojack and more.

You’ve played a ton of festivals over the past year; do you have a favorite?
EDC Las Vegas 2018!

What do you like to do when you have free time?
I like to hit the gym, go on a hike, or check out some museums.

Is there anything else you are as passionate about as you are about music?
Yes, dogs! I am obsessed with dogs.

Do you have any particular artists to look to for inspiration?
I look up to Skrillex, DJ Snake, Headhunterz and Pharrell.

Your set at Bassrush Massive was crazy!
Yes, a MASSIVE SET! It was really exciting to throw down some new music for my fans.

What’s next for you? Anything you can share with fans at the moment?
I have my collabs with The Chainsmokers, 4B, and Gravedgr coming soon! Keep an eye out for those massive releases.

Do you have any last minute shout outs before we wrap things up?
Shout out to Bassrush and Insomniac for the constant support! It’s amazing to be part of the family and to continue to grow with them.