With an impressive number of hits over the years on esteemed imprints like Metalheadz, Hospital Records, Audioporn, RAM Records and more, Benny L is leveling up in solid way as he prepares to launch into his biggest endeavor to date with the launch of his new imprint TrES-2b.

A proper tastemaker in his own right, the numerous collabs, remixes, and dancefloors he’s rinsed as a DJ offer a hint at the epic journey Benny L is committed to taking us on in the years to come. Perhaps most exciting for bassheads with a penchant for stargazing and pondering the deepest secrets of the universe, Benny plans to channel his own love of deep space and sci-fi movies into the label as the imprint’s own name ‘TrES-2b’ hints at. Known as the ‘darkest exoplanet’ discovered to date, TrES-2b reflects less than 1% of any light that comes its way, giving the impression of looking at a black hole.

It’s the perfect backdrop for the imprint and for the first cut to hit the streets from the newly minted label: “Alchemy.” Featuring acclaimed vocalist Shady Novelle, the tune is a hypnotic, cinematic journey into the darker edges of the drum and bass genre as cascading breaks and rib-rattling basslines swerve and hit where it hurts. A proper battle between the elements ensues as the dark and the light battle for supremacy of the dancefloor, eventually merging into an equilibrium sure to elevate the dancefloor wherever it’s dropped.

As Benny L tells us: “The track came about when I was in quarantine out in New Zealand when Shady sent vocals over to me for a different track I had already made. I felt compelled to take some of what she sent to build another new track around it and ‘Alchemy’ was born. It just flowed as if the music wrote itself around the lyrics. I was inspired by Dillinja and Ray Keith on the tearing Amen switches to give it some attitude and grit.”

Shady Novelle agrees, telling us how the track “is all about witnessing something captivating and alluring about another person’s aura after having significant conversations with them that you just seem to resonate with, like you recognize them from some place else, naturally aligning with one another, creating a deeper connection. It’s like Benny L’s build up of sounds on the track represent the lead up to that union and transformation of two people coming together as one.”

It’s a fitting start to the launch of the new imprint and with further collabs in the pipeline from Bladerunner, Shabba D, Inja, and more, it’s obvious that Benny L and the imprint TrES-2b are about to change the name of the game.

Out now so stream/download yours here and keep your eyes on the skies for more!