Channeling the electric energy of their recent back-to-back DJ sessions at festivals and club nights across the States (including our very own EDC Las Vegas), Bensley and Justin Hawkes unveil a heavenly drum and bass groover on UKF that hits in all the right spots.

Taking its name from the haunting male vocal that serves as the backbone of the tune, “Don’t Be Scared” is one of those tunes that emerges with a deceptively dreamy intro before the deep bottom end and melodic undertones keep the melancholia alive while the infectious groove and shifting atmospheric elements bring this one to life in an inimitable way.

With just enough lift to have crowds getting their hands up, the tune is also a masterclass in bringing on the heartache. Challenging listeners to stick it out through the second drop, the subtle evolution of the tune makes for a stunning experience that already has us begging for more from these two.

It’s an epic release from two of North America’s finest and it’s out now¬†via UKF so “don’t be scared” and lock yours in here.