Every time Ram Records steps up with a release they aim to toss a little heat on the dancefloor, but drop some Black Sun Empire into the mix and you know the results are guaranteed to ignite a full-on riot. While having secured their own legendary status in the drum and bass world with their own Blackout imprint, the Netherlands-trio rallies up the troops and goes all in for Ram Records with Nymfo and State of Mind on board.

While the aptly titled “Surge Engine” featuring Nymfo kick-starts the proceedings proper, we’re amped to be bringing this exclusive premiere of the curb-stomper known as “Ripsaw” that features the crew locking horns with New Zealand’s own State of Mind. Never ones to take a leisurely stroll to the drop, the turbocharger kicks in right from the get-go before ramping things up to the breaking point and firing off the afterburners. It’s an adrenaline-fueled ride from there on out as the crew pull the listener through a winding tech-infused landscape that’s sure to have all the heads begging for more. Big tune from BSE, State of Mind, and the Ram family!

This one drops August 24 so keep your eyes and ears peeled to lock yours in when the time is right.