For many years, the trio known as Black Tiger Sex Machine have continually pushed the envelope of bass music in every way possible. From music production, live show production, starting their own label known as Kannibalen Records, their on stage appearance, and overall influence on the scene, these guys leave no stone unturned when it comes to their craft.

Now, the trio has hit the road once more for their Futuristic Thriller Tour which pays homage to their love of all things sci-fi while taking things to the next level. This weekend, Black Tiger Sex Machine is set to raise the bar even higher as they take over the Hollywood Palladium on February 1 for their L.A. stop on the tour. Given all the excitement around the show, we decided to get an exclusive behind the scenes look into what fans can look forward to this year with BTSM in terms of releases, their live show, and much more.

Check out the interview below and be sure to grab your tickets to catch them this weekend if you haven’t already, here!

Thanks so much for taking the time to chat with us! How has tour life been treating you guys?
Its been great so far! We did our first week in Western Canada and now just wrapped up the second week in the Pacific Northwest. This is our first time touring in a bus, which is quite an experience. It took a couple of nights getting used to sleeping in the bus, but waking up and already being at the next venue without having to worry about catching flights or driving during the day is great.

What does a day on tour look like for you guys? Take us through a normal day.
The crew usually loads in the stage around noon. Since we run a record label and management company, we basically work all the time. So during the day, we’re emailing, taking calls with artists, agents, designers or working on releases, touring and marketing plans, doing admin work, working on music or programming for the live show. We try to get in a workout when we can. We don’t really have any downtime. Especially, since we are in the beginning of the tour with many shows still to come.

Tell us a little bit about your Futuristic Thriller Tour. Can you talk a little bit about the overall vision of the tour?
We’ve always been heavily influenced by sci-fi movies. The Futuristic Thriller Mix series is something we’ve been doing for years where we take audio clips from our favorite movies and build a mix around them of songs from the label and other artists we like. In a way, we want to kind of create a new soundtrack for that particular movie. So, the tour is a bit like an extension of that.

Last year we started using a scene from our music video for “Zombie” in our live show visuals, which worked really well, so we wanted to build on that idea as well. We decided to shoot a short film set in the BTSM universe, and make our own Futuristic Thriller movie experience with music from our upcoming EP. During the show, scenes from the film are mixed in with our visuals, creating a real storyline that takes the audience deeper into our world. It’s all coordinated with the lights, sfx and music of course. So the effect is very powerful and spectacular. We are really pleased with how it turned out.

You’ve got some awesome support on this tour run! How’d you go about picking support for this run? 
Our tours have always featured other acts from the extended Kannibalen family like Kai Wachi, Dabin, Apashe, Lektrique, Sullivan King and Subtronics. We wanted to continue that with this one. Blanke is an artist we’ve been watching for a while, and we’ve now had the chance of collaborating with him on 2 tracks, one of which, “Time Travel”, just came out on Kannibalen. Vampa has already released a single with us in the past and now we are planning on releasing her new EP. Both are great producers and DJs, and we can now say friends as well!

Sounds like you’ve also got a ton of new music to debut on tour as well as new projects in the works. Can you talk a little bit about the releases you’ve got coming up?
Our new EP of course! We’ve already released two of the tracks on the EP. A solo track called “Let’s Get It” and our previously mentioned collab with Blanke. There’s another monster collab that will be released as a single soon, and then the full EP will be released with additional tracks

Do you have any surprises up your sleeve for the LA stop that you can share with us?
LSDream and Lektrique will be joining us for the show. Theyve been announced so its not really a surprise, but we are super stoked to have them. Were also adding a bit of extra production as well so the show will be extra impressive!

Before we wrap things up, do you have any shout out you’d like to give?
Shout out to all the fans who make up the BTSM Church. Your support on this tour has been incredible so far. We’re doing big meet and greets at all the stops on the tour and it’s been heartwarming to hear all your stories. Also shout out to our incredible crew on the road, our staff at Kannibalen Records and our agents Kevin and Jonathan at UTA. This tour would not be possible without their hard work and dedication. We are really blessed to work with such talented and passionate people.